Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yamapi - Loveless

tgh gle in luv ngan dis song..fucking awesome..hahaha..x3..bes la..sng forbidden lova..hahaaha..*wink2 tira* support me luv oneigashimasu..hahahaah..tira..jgn cube nk steal him from..nt ak curik ur hiro san..hahahaa..


p/s: lovelessssss..kyaaaaaaa~~~!!!

skipping skuppung..

waddup??'s been a long lme dh xtuliss..been buzy..kinda occupied wif things..hehehe..part time nye..tgk arashi no shukudai kun nye..jge twitter je'll be posting soon..if there's any cte bes la..takat nie xde korg pon ak dh lme xbce shbt2 ak..nt2 la ak tawaf korg nye blog k??! jgn delete dh la ak bce dlu..hahahaha..
p/s: post agk skema akibat d watch oleh kak cik n along..hahaha..agk wth?? mereke GEGEH..YEAY!!! janneh!!! adios!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

holiday!!! final dh!!! holiday!!! tp juz 3 weeks..kdekot la time wud be only 2 weeks je for the long sem break..long la sgt..hahaha..lnx long..cuti..ak nk skunk adlh..relaxation..2 je..n..nk catch up dgn few muvies ke dramas ke..hehehe..2 je..hahaha..k..


p/s : mst kne kerah drive nt nieh..mampos..hehehe..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

KAT-TUN - Lips

currently in love with this band..n this song..akame are so hot..but cinta thadap kame lg lame dh established dari akanishi..hehehehe..actually addiction thadap japanese tlah menular kembali..smnjak sem 2 la..lgu, cte sume nk japanese je..xlyn mat saleh dh..heheh..ok..ENJOY!


p/s : kame's n akanishi's kuchibiru are very sexy..not to forget matsujun and toma also..*nosebleed*

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

medieval picturesque

hey! see my new banner? cool eh? hahahah..xde la cool pon..anyhow, juz nk ckp banner 2 goth loikes..hasil creativity tsendri mke thasil lah, sum kind of antediluvian, baroque, eccentric banner..hehehe..kinda bored with the previous came out wif this one..basically i lyk the n red are so my favorite colors! the whole thing brings out the mysterious vibes of my 2..dats my opinion pasts were not dat mysterious after u can see from my previous posts..hahaha..but u noe..we wont tell everyone or anyone dat deep about our pasts kan? especially publicly like this..even the future also..there will always be something we keep to ourselves..hehehe..ok..back to the banner thingy..sumhow i'm attracted to it..hahah..leyh bt cover hehehe..bak kt farah, THE MAGISTRATES..hahaha..sdap gak bt nme band..


p/s : sum ppl said dat i'm too i?? idk..but i'll tell sumtg if i think it fits..other than that, i kept it to myself..dun want to burden others..

this is how the beat drops

Hahaha..kini ak rse spt bebas..wlopon mseh dlm mood paper next tbe2 ak rse nk tulis blog..currently in the bilik kace fbl alone..waiting to meet mdm wai2..academic advisory smbel dgr lgu fuck2 nie..fer sure by the medic droid..thx to tira kt lgu nie bes..ak pon smgt la dgr..yer..ak mmg dh ske sblm die surh dgr..ak tmbh ske ble dl lgu nie..wlopon lgu nie leyh jhnmkn pale otak ak..mmpu mengerohkan kaler otak ak..censored gler kot..sgle fuck2..panties drop..jeez n etc..hahaha..

Ok..2 bkn motive utame ak..motive utama adlh..ak rse ak epy..coz..ak rse..ak dh pndai control emotions ak..n also..x more emotional roller coaster dh..dlm ati ak nie..tng dh..Alhamdulillah..wlopon dgr lgu xelok tp ati dh tng sket..ak epy gle la..xde la nk emosi2..kre ok la..hahaha..u r so x gonna affect me 2..hahahah..all of d sudden..ak mule rsekn kmbli bhwe ak seorg yg to see or to inflict pain on others..x in sexual kinda way like been written in d dictionary la..juz normal pain..hahaha..xde kaitan kn? Xpe..ak cume sje je nk mention..coz ad org kt ak cm 2..hahahaa..


P/s: lgu nie jge tlh mjhnmkan bhse ak..I mean..lihat la post xleyh blah..bhse2 yg agk kurg ajr..sush..rare utk ak type cmnie..bhse x tkwl lgsong..lnx la..hahahah..

"all these time is wasted, pretending we're in love but that's alright coz you know I love being with you n seeing you cry.."