Saturday, June 26, 2010

biggest loser much?

hello..well..i think a lot of people didn't know about this..which recently i'm into carbs diet..i can't eat carbs..only a very small portion is allowed..i'm not sure in grams but u'll know when u compare the foods' carbs..since after the sem break which equals to 3 weeks i've lost a few kilos..6 kilos to be exact..well..this diet isnt just a diet..i'm doing this for my health..for those who knew bout this, have been supporting me since the beginning..oh yeah..i'm doing this for my back (bones, spinal cords etc)..i've to lose weight while i drink a some kind of soy milk to help with the bone n fats..eventually, even if i don't do any exercise, which actually it's highly recommended if i do, i'll lose weight..but slowly..n if i eat carbs more than it suppose to be, the process will take longer period and more treatments to come..i've started a treatment last week..n next week i'll be going home for it again..i'll be doing this for every gonna be tiring since ive got to travel back n forth..i dont know which is more pain : travelling or treatment? both Ts are pain to's for the sake of my ok..fine..sacrifice myself..

btw..i wanna say thx to all my friends who've said that i've shrunk, smaller, lost some weight n bla3..really appreciated it..coz u know, since i was a kid, everytime ppl will say that "oh dat fat kid", "fatty", "gajah" n weight will decline as time goes by..not that i really want to do this diet thing but it's for my tell u all the truth, it is EFFING hard..i can't eat rice(which is "makanan ruji" for malays), bread, pasta, noodles n everythg that has to do with i said before, yes, i cud eat but in a very small amount..which i think is not worth's better not to eat than juz a spoon or'm lyk "go to hell with that, i'm gonna eat those cookies!" n yes i did..a lot..than i supposed to..hahah..and3..i can't drink other drinks except ice cold water specifically PLAIN WATER..x sugary goodness..even in fruits..n other things..which i think u shud all pity for me..hahaha..

well..naaahh..u dont hv to..coz u see, my costs or expenses for foods are much2 higher than all of's lyk double from usual..n it sometimes doesn't make me full at grateful..if u are in my shoes, u gonna be cranky..(at first! xp) tell u the truth, at the 1st week, i've turned myself to a cranky, raging brat..the whole family hv to bare wif me..coz for a few days(starting of the diet), u hv to train urself to not eat carbs, which happens to be the energy-giving-important's lyk mental and physical torture all together..n i'm a sadist! xp hahaha..well..that's not the point..the point is..i went thru HELL (almost) n rite now i'm getting better, i guess..i'm getting better and adapted to all yeah..Alhamdulillah..i'm very grateful to God for giving me the strength..

so..hopefully, my back will get better and i'll get slimmer..chance hardly struck twice, u know..this is a chance for me to slim down while gaining my health..but seriously, i'm eating lyk a hungry buffalo each time..x3..lyk a sumo or wrestler or boxer or sumtg..i ate chicken..that's normal rite? shud i emphasize i ate HALF of a chicken for a meal once..n i do it lyk for almost two days..3 meals per day..even a wrestler could die doing dat..hahaha..but i'm not..thankfully..lolz..

i eat what i wanna many that i want..but it will eject from my body a.s.a.p. esp if i ate too much carbs..i think so..this is my body already rejecting carbs..i guess my intestines shrunk too..but u know..sometimes, when u see people ate sumtg that u can't, at least u wanna try it a bit, to make sure no crave, regret or watsoeva..heheh..but i'll always takes it excessively..on the same day, i'll run to the bathroom doing my business..ahahaha..see! it rejects carbs..thanx body..u r officially functioning! no more allergies for that i realized, (actually my mom slapped me this reality!) i'm allergic to carbs..i'll get this itchiness when i ate sumtg which at first, i think its chicken but's more allergies..

oh..i think i've said too gotta go now..till the next post..oh my mom is so excited..she's even looking for new cloths for me..but not buying it unless everythg has settled..i mean the backache + 'circumference' will she's really hoping for that..she said she wanna change all my closets with new n improved cloths..hahah..hey mom! it's my health is more important now! not the slimming thing!!'s just coincidence!! hahaha..moms.. ;)


p/s: my shoe size are also shrinking..previously it's 9 but recently it became 7..goin 6.5..heheh..i'm shrinking inside out!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I sort of understand the reason you hang your head
You're not able to begin talking about breaking up, are you?
Even though our shadows falling on the pavement are moving nearer
Our feelings are now going further apart
You have found a different love
But you can't find the words to say to stop our connection

Things like goodbye or it's over
You say it's a lie, but even then
The hand you let go of has become cold, we'll become strangers to each other
Things like sorry or don't cry
Because they make me want to embrace you
Before the pile of memories turn to pain
See, at the end I'll smile as we say goodbye...

"I'm fine alone as well" was the first lie I told
I wanted a way to stop your tears
Really you were important to me, really I don't want to let go
Emotions with nowhere to go fill my heart
But because I'm wishing for your happiness more than anyone
I may be acting tough, but I want to tell you "thanks"

Even goodbye, even regrets
They're proof that we had met
It's because it is you that I think this way
You are an irreplaceable existence in my life

So as not to forget them, I'll etch the seasons we shared together into my heart
As I watch you go hurrying off to a new future
Yes, at the end I'll smile as we say goodbye...

Things like goodbye or it's over
You say it's a lie, but even then
The hand you let go of has become cold, we'll become strangers to each other
Things like sorry or don't cry
Because they make me want to embrace you
Before the pile of memories turn to pain
See, at the end I'll smile as we say goodbye...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

craving craving craving super craving!!!!!!!

its not food but things..recently..i mean a few weeks bfore the sems hols, i've been developing ultimate one, i tell you..i can see myself lyk a crazy person rite now but i dun care..i really want what i want..but's all beneath me..i still manage to cool it down by finding the things slowly and rationally..hahaha..sounds lyk a hell of a thing..hahahaha

1st, i'm trying to find a movie called's been a while man, searching lyk hell in the net but x results..trying to search some more..i really3 want to watch this..until now, the craveness never end..owh sad..only God knows how it feels lyk..hahaha..but siyesly..i wanna watch this..

2ndly, i'm craving to play dad almost gonna bought that for me..but he doubted on where can i practice n wif whom..oh come on..i really wanna wear that on my fists..even my dad's fren tell me to box..or muay thai would be parents kinda okay with maybe i got to box soon..but..must build up stamina watched one pound gospel..damn!! effing wanna box!! i lyk everlast's gloves but expensive and i may not play with it for the cheapest in long i got one..hahaha

third, this is lyk long way when i started beta 3rd sem..i wanted a RED EYELINER..n yes..i bought it n try it..damn! it's so cool..bloddy red..can sumtimes be maroonish..mama said i look lyk a hantu raya but wateva..i might as well be experimenting it with black eyeliner..oh so darkness!! :D

n of my ultimate crave is LOMO CAMERAS..planning to buy it soon..searching for a shop..dun wanna buy it sum advice from mama about second hand products so i'm trying to a brand new one..i dun really wanna use it..just wanna possess it..that's all..get a hold of it and i'm good..

other cravings are not detected yet..but i could definitely sense something coming to hunt me to crave..but yeah..i'll try to fill my satisfaction by distracting oneself..hahah..but sumhow..i'll get it..insyaAllah..

fin..kudabacchi mae!!

p/s: until now, the craveness is still there n hunting me lyk a zombie..

keeping up with nabila mansor..

ok..rite ak kat table kak cik..pnjm pc die..coz kat tmpt kje..ak rse..ak lgsg dh x catch ngn dunie ble start part time nie..seyesly..fb bk time ad comment sume ak dh xbce..blik umah tdo awl xde life ak cm agk kalut d sni..bnyk mnde yg ak tau..updates psl korg frens sume..sian kn? hahaha..xpe..ak akn puolg ke melaka on the ak akn try la keep up ngn korg sume..sorry klo ak diam coz ak xtau cte sgt dh..


p/s: keeping up with oneself is another thing..btw, spe nk join ak ptg2 jogging nt kat mmu?? ke g gym ke?? hehehehehe..ida..jom boxing!!