Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big Bang's TOP laughing clips

SEXY YET CUTE. i think that fits the video. hehehehe oh tabi baby, you made me smile again~!! you should laugh more. it's so rare to hear you laugh. it's adorable but manly. cute but hot. cut to the chase, i love your laughter. lol well thank you for making my night all sparkly and happy. love ya, tabi! hehehehe


p/s : i feel dead. and i want you, yes you, choi seung hyun!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yui - Lock On (translation)

The asphalt that shine after the rain,
the night come at the city that have been crying,
at the parking lot,
crescent moon's sky is freezing,
I change,
from the seats that have been cold,
I shouted
Lock On
Lock On

I had become a boring adult,
While avoiding an opponent 
who looks like will make trouble...

I'm sorry for the trouble
but please wait,
this isn't your fault,
Play Back

Even thought I've tried to accelerate,
we are still going to cut apart, dilemma,
If the signal change to red,
I will suddenly remember,
You change,
forced smile is dangerous
Lock on
Lock on

I don't do method of a sly woman 
who take out soured tears 

It's useless crying and 
sighing from your spoiled mouth,
You know, it won't settle anything,
Play Back

You've back home,
The winter's constellation is a hidrance,
Because it feels that even my old self is watching me,
I be bothered by that
Lock On
Lock On

I had become a boring adult,
If it's just a little
even a pain can't be felt

I'm sorry for the trouble
but just be a good person,
won't settle anything,
Play Back


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Even if we're apart by 2pm

Hanarete itemo
Even If We Are Apart
ふと君を想うよ あの澄んで光る瞳を
Futo kimi wo omouyo ano sunde hikaru hitomi woWhen I suddenly think of you and those clear and bright eyes
宙に浮かんだ 三日月に重ねてる
Sora ni ukanda mikazuki ni kasaneteruThey suddenly appear up in sky floating above the crescent moon
できるのなら 眠りに落ちる
Dekiru no nara nemuri ni ochiruIf it‘s possible as I fall asleep
その部屋の窓から 夢にまぎれて そっと 恋しさを届けたい
Sono heya no mado kara yume ni magirete sotto koishisa wo todoketai
And drift into a dream I wish I could send my longing through that room’s window
そう こんなにも 君を想い続けてるのに
Sou konnanimo kimi wo omoi tsuzuketeru noni
So just like that as I keep on thinking of you
こみあげるほどの気持ちに たぶんまだ君は気づいてない
Komiageru hodo no kimochi ni tabun mada kimi wa kizuitenaiYou‘re probably still not aware of this feeling that is welling up
離れても 君の影はぼくが いとしさで描いていると 忘れないで
Hanaretemo kimino kage wa boku ga itoshisade kaite iru to wasurenaide
Even if I‘m away, don‘t forget that I paint your shadow in strokes of dear longing
Boku wa itsudemo sobani iruyo
I‘m always by your side
あ・い・た・い、というせ・つ・な・い、言葉を いまそよ風が運んでくれた気がするよ
Ai-i-ta-i, to iu se-tsu-na-i, kotoba wo ima soyokaze ga hakonde kureta ki ga suruyo
Miss you… sorrow… such words come to mind as I’m drowning in the mood carried over by a light breeze
もう 懐かしい 君のあの香りの記憶を 少しずつ 少しずつ いま この胸に深く吸い込んでく
Mou natsukashii kimi no ano kaori no kioku wo sukoshi zutsu sukoshi zutsu ima kono mune ni fufaku suikondeku
Feeling nostalgic again and now little by little I inhale deeply into this chest the memory of your scent
気がつけば 世界中が君で 埋め尽くされているんだよ あふれるこの想いを 止められないんだ
Ki ga tsukeba sekaichuu ga kimi de umetsuku sarete irundayo afureru kono omoi wo tomerarenainda
And when you realize it, the whole world is filled with you and I cannot stop this overflowing feeling
Mou kurayami wo kowagaranaide
Don’t be afraid of the dark anymore
Hitomi wo tojitanara
Because as long as you close your eyes
輝く月のように 必ずぼくが見つめているから
Kagayaku tsuki no you ni kanarazu boku ga mitsumete iru kara
There will definitely be me watching over you like a bright moon
そう 離れても
Sou hanaretemo
So even if we are apart
その心の空で 照らし続けてるから
Sono kokoro no sora de terashi tsuzuketeru kara
Because you keep on illuminating the sky of my heart
Don’t forget
Boku wa itsudemo sobani iru yo
I am always by your side
Credit: thehottestkpop


p/s: keep on replaying this song, bad guy, ultra lover, superman and time travel. 


i don't really know what had happened to me, recently. i feel like avoiding. i feel like staying away. i feel like i can't stand everyone. i feel that i'm better off alone which i don't, truthfully, at times. and those things, the assignments and all, it just come in handy when i wanted to be alone. it keeps me to what i want. i just wanna stay in this room. away from the world. it's like nothing seems to excite me, outside. only to annoy me, to create rage or to bore me to death. even home, KL didn't really excite me anymore. everything feels wrong, to me. and i don't even know what i want to do, with myself and with other people.

but it seems to be unfair to others. it seems harsh and i know many of them are somehow irritated or unhappy with my behavior. it's not something that i wanted. but i can't beat the fact that i umm. it's fine. maybe i was being emotional over i don't even know what. yes, i don't even know the reason why i'm being like this. and the truth is, it's already been a while. maybe like my brother used to say, "tired. i'm just tired. tired of everything." but he applied it on other matter. i do too, feel tired. tired of everything that's around me. but others would think i'm just being annoying and emotional and isolating myself.

and so, i'm just gonna say here that i'm sorry. for anyone who's affected by my inconvenient behavior. let me just be with myself for a while. i need to think over what actually make me this way. again, sorry.

“I can’t say it’s okay right now. When this bus returns to its place, then it’ll become okay. When I get off this bus, I’m going to return to being the happy Jeremy. Forget everything I said here. If you don’t forget them, I can’t return. Got it, Go Mi-nam?” 

- jeremy (you're beautiful)

like the quote above, you all gonna see my happy self again or at least i'll try to be. so just forget this post. okay?


p/s : tired. headache. bored. lifeless.

[MV] JOO - Bad Guy feat. Chansung (2PM)

i'm starting to like this song. maybe the melody and the girl's voice and the way she sings. but not to forget, Chansung looks so cute and hot at the same time. hehehehe


p/s : funny to see chansung to act as the bad guy. lol

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu

my brother asked me to pass this song a cousin of mine but he asked me to listen it too. he said the song is good. so i give it a shot. it's good. but too, um~ how should i put this? um~ if someone is having a crush or falls deeply for someone, having high hopes, then this song is definitely the one. hahahaah is my brother saying i'm like that? i don't know~ lol well, i'm not! i guess? lol


p/s : keep enduring.

Sunday, October 23, 2011




p/s : please be miracle. thanks.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

for the first time ever

#np jun. k - alive

Hey yo! it's been a while that i personally wrote something here. a month or so, am i right? so um the topic here. well, it's about me and my elder brother. last sunday, if i'm not mistaken, well my brother sent me a.k.a accompany me back to my dorm in malacca. so we're talking like the usual us. you know, teasing each other and basically being nonsense. one of it was about being a stalker. a few days before that we stalked someone on the internet. someone that our cousin likes or loves? i don't know. but seriously, the guy we stalked, he's a douche bag. simply a jerk. but not to blame on the guy only, my cousin seemed to be ignorant about what the guy's been doing. i guess she's blinded by love or something. and yes, it's the first time we sat together and do something like that together. normally we'll just eat or watch tv or talk about gadgets or gundam or business together. it's weird for us to stalk someone together. well, let's put this story aside. it's not the main point here.

um~ well, me and my brother are not those types that you know, share our stories, especially love stories. we just normally talk nonsense. main purpose, 'laughter that matters'. it doesn't really matter much about the topic we're talking. and we're like, do our own thing but we do went out together and so on. but we're the type that didn't even have each others facebook or twitter or even email. we only have each others' phone number and bbm pin. that's all. in one glance, we're like totally two strangers, not siblings. but actually we are. for us, having each others fb or twitter or any other bullshit is like being nosy about each other. but then again, we're hella close to each other. just that we didn't really like or want to know what each other's doing. we just mutually agreed that 'just don't do something bad, it's good enough.', just like that. and pretty much we're happy that way. 

but then, last sunday, suddenly my brother opened the topic of love. i didn't really know how it started. i think it was when we talked about not being nosy about easy other's life. and then, he talked about his love life. the story didn't really surprise me at all. and then he said something like "it's good we're this type of siblings. sometimes, it's better to keep things to yourself and not for your family to know. and it seems like we're both didn't really interested in each others life. which is good. you don't know how many girlfriends i had in the past and i don't know how many boyfriends you had or having. well, i don't even wanna know about it and i think so do you. just that we know our limitations with our partners, that's good enough. don't go beyond the limit."

i was like 'uhuh. yeah. right.' well, i didn't have even have anyone, never. well, maybe he thought i do. have. many of them? i guess? well, fyi, no. hahahaha and yes, i told him. "i don't have anyone right now and never had one? i don't really think about having one either. i'm just too occupied with my own life right now."

and then he gave me love advises. which it sounded like this, "yeah, it's good because you're still studying. i don't want it to affect you either. but just so you know that, you need one. trust me. i mean there are things that you can't tell your family or friends or even best friends. but you can't hold it to yourself either. so by having a boyfriend, you have a person you can talk to, to cheer you up or even to accompany you to eat. i don't want you to be those that you know, hugging, kissing and all that. that's even against our religion. plus, you're wearing hijab. boyfriend here means that someone that can be your friend, your best friend. someone that can hang out with you. spending time with you, even just for a drink at mamak. just someone that can put away your loneliness. basically someone that can listen to you or be there for you when nobody won't be able to. something like that." plus, he said that by having someone and you hang out with him, it may pull you away from your stress world for while. you could relax and have fun for a bit before you go back to your life.

i was somehow, speechless? i don't know. but what he said is definitely true. i just nodded to everything he said. i know that he knew that i always go out or eat alone here in malacca. and sometimes i went out at night alone which is definitely dangerous. and that i'm pretty much a loner. and many things i just kept into myself. he knows i'm that type of person. he always encourage me to find more friends, not sticking in one or two circles of people only. so maybe he thought that i need a boyfriend because of my life. i kept saying to him that i don't really think about having a relationship with anyone just yet. and i don't really have much male friends like i used to, back in high school. but one thing i wanna say but i didn't was that no one actually look at me. no one actually have interest in me. which is true. i don't know if they don't have the guts or what. 

he told me if i have someone, we need to be considerate to each other. being childish to that guy is fine but not to the extent of annoying him. don't be so much of a crybaby, some guys hate it. guys find it difficult to coax their partners especially when they cry. and don't be too independent or too dependent. most importantly, just be true to yourself and to the guy. i think, he's trying to say that i need an almost matured relationship? well, the motive is one, he encouraged me to have someone. maybe because i'm gonna be 20 soon and i'm still like this. alone? isolated? ignorant? he told me what guys usually like about girls. like some guys like him preferred girls without makeup. natural look, couple with simple dressing is cool enough. it's like you're beautiful the way you are. you don't have to be so girlish to attract a guy. just be yourself. the guy needs to like you of who you are and not what he wants you to be.  

he's totally acting like a mother? father? yeah, he's acting like a brother, a good one. and i thank God for having him as my brother. he also did say that he's been wanting to talk about this matter, his love matter and this general love thingy to me. but he can't really find the right time. i think he's afraid that i'll flinched or maybe i'm gonna report this to mama. which i won't. why would i? hahahaah i told him that i don't really mind about him, telling me and advising me about this. i'm cool with that. it's actually an eye opener for me. the funny thing is it went on until we hung out for a while to the moment i went to my dorm. he seemed to be promoting about having a relationship to me through the whole journey, that at one point it was so awkward that we both went silent for quite a moment. 

somehow he managed to convince me. because last few days, i got myself thinking about this matter. and looking at my surroundings, i think maybe i do need someone. but i don't really know how to get that 'someone'. i don't even have the experience. and i'm not like others. i'm not beautiful. i'm not social queen. and sometimes i think i'm invisible. i'm serious. i do sometimes think that i'm invisible. and guys nowadays are all about trendy girls and having fun. i'm opposite of all that. i think i'm conventional. yeah. which i don't think guys would like that. right now, i think i just go with the flow. which again, ignoring everything that's around me and just being alone. hahahaha i don't know. up until today, no one dares to approach me. maybe i'm unapproachable. maybe i look vain. maybe i look weird. i don't know. and let's not think about this anymore. if there's anyone who wants to approach me, be my guest. i like having friends. but boyfriend, i don't know.

well, lets pray for the day that i'll get someone. which will not be soon. or even in another years coming. whatever.


p/s : maybe God's gonna give me TOP or Taecyeon. it's definitely worth waiting if it'd those two. hahahaha 

Tear Us Apart - Nadhira Feat. Ron E Jones (lyrics)

Tear Us Apart
From the first time we met each other
I knew that we'd be together
I saw in your eyes
It's just a matter of time

Don't know if this feels like the real thing
Tell me what to do where do I begin
Don't know where to start
Should I let you in my heart

And all it took was one touch, one kiss
I've never felt love like this
I pray I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It's always gonna be about us
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing's gonna tear us apart
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

Girl you know that now we're together
I won't leave your side forever
You know that i'm yours
Baby, you're my only girl in the world

Now I have no reason to be alone
Fell in love with you
You are now my home
I'll always be true
I see no one else but you

And all it took was one touch, one kiss
I've never felt love like this
I pray I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It's always gonna be about us
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing's gonna tear us apart
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

Ain't nothing gonna tear us
Ain't nothing gonna tear us
Ain't nothing gonna tear us apart

Ain't nothing gonna tear us
Ain't nothing gonna tear us
Ain't nothing gonna tear us apart

And all it took was one touch, one kiss
I've never felt love like this
I pray I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It's always gonna be about us
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing's gonna tear us apart
Just don't go and break my heart
Baby, don't go and break my heart

credits : http://lagubestbest.blogspot.com/2011/08/tear-us-apart-nadhira-lyrics-mtv-music.html


p/s : finally i got my hands on this song. thanks farah. i love yaa!! ehehehe