Sunday, January 22, 2012

legal attachment

i'm starting to freak out already. in a month i'll have this legal attachment, something like training or practical or whatever bullshit you call it. it's gonna be 3 months, as usual. but it's freaking me out!!! i don't even care about the final papers anymore. i mean come on. i don't think i'm ready or cut out for work just yet. i'm a natural lazy bum, a couch potato, a massive slug! you know, thoughts ran to my mind. like, 'can i actually do it?' 'will i be able to do finish the tasks on time?' 'will the people there hate me?' and other stuffs. i'm trying to figure out how it would be. i'm trying to imagine myself but i don't see any 'light'! all i see is dark! but then again, i thought of you know, the good things. like maybe my boss is a good guy. and the fact, i'll be working in the middle of the city, lunch hour would be the best thing ever. but! i have to face traffic jam and all but that isn't much of a problem. the work itself is! oh God, please spare me. let me be this on brilliant (easy to catch up), lovable and definitely not being a slug during that period. amin. okay. that's about it. got something to do. anyways, pray me for me peeps! for my exams and that 3 hellish months. well it's not that i won't be updating but just saying. eheheheh


p/s : future always freaks me out.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

a cute little thing

Hello peoples of the world. Omg. It’s been a really long time since I updated the last post. Gosh. I’m such a boring person. I don’t have any story to tell. Help me! lol whatever~

Well, I got one thing. I bought this cute little thing!! Heheheeh well, mom bought it actually. I seriously loathe pink but I just got to make an exception for it. It’s so cute, so fluffy and just so ADORABLE!!! Heheheeheh it’s a bunny, if you might be confused. Since it has long arms, I could carry it around. Hehehe I became pilsuk from dream high. Lol but this thing, it goes way to my waist. A very long torso indeed. And it has this small little round tail. hehehehe my elder brother called it as my 'saka'. lol saka is something like a spirit that you summoned for yourself. lol that's so stupid of him. 

this is Chansung's version. mine is similar to this but with longer torso and a very short legs. the legs was like a few inches. lol and yes, i carried it like he did. it's so fun! i didn't manage to take a picture of me carrying it.  but anyway, you can picture it like this. heheheh

oh yes. farah aina, don't be mad. hahahhaah kidding.


p/s : GONG XI FA CAI!! hope this dragon year will be a better year! oh, it's taecyeon's year too! heheheeh 

as he said Dragon catYear of dragon! My year!