Friday, March 9, 2012


well, this is a quick one. they thought TOP IS MY BOYFRIEND yalllsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why? because i put up this picture as my BB's wallpaper. they said he's handsome, cute. they really believed it. even when i denied it. then i just said, yeah. heheheheheh me likesss. and the fact that the bosses even peeked and thought the same. i think? lol

oh yes, speaking of boyfriend, i got a story to tell. oh this aint gonna be a quick one now. lol yesterday morning, as my brother sent me to the office, he said that "you know what lil sis? i think you should find yourself a boyfriend. he could send and pick you up from work." and i said "better find me a driver if it meant for only driving me here and there." he stood firm to his idea. well, yes, my brother has been my official driver after the parking bays are all expensive here. you want cheap? you have to walk so far away, getting all sweaty before you managed to get to office. oh hell no!! i'm so not gonna do that. since he agreed, he's the one been sending me and picking me up. which i like. lol he even said of telling or suggesting this to mama. normally he would be playing but this time, he really did it. last night, before we four had dinner, he literally suggested that to my mom. mama was backing me up saying that better to get me a driver. mom even said "your dad had 2 PAs who are also his drivers, why don't let one of them or letting them taking turns to send your little sister?" my brother disagreed. "boyfriend is much better, ma." after much arguing, suddenly, mom said something about my brother and having girlfriend. i made an evil face and laughing my ass off at him. lol it didnt end there, sadly. dinner time, he said it again. dad was there at that time. dad was like speechless? he didnt make any comment. just a slight smile to my bro's silliness maybe. i was like 'shut up baffoon!'. but i just said "hey!!!" instead. mom was again, backing me up. thank God. all hail to mama! lol i said to my bro that "it's your obligations as a brother to bring me to wherever i wanna go." he whined at mom. my parents just laughed at that scene. 

and today, i mean this morning, he mentioned about it again. i just ignored him. he laughed hard, trying to pursuade me to find someone. he's been doing so actually, since the first time he told me about his love life. God~ help me~ i wanna live freely and happily~ lol 

listening to drop it like it's hot by snoop dog and pharell. love love LOVE PHARELL!

fin fin fin ~

p/s : top is my boyfriend, for now. just accept that fact, bro. *smirks*

the 2nd and 3rd week

hey yalls!! im back. updates for the 2nd week of LA. well, there's nothing much. i think i've already get used to things here. not to say a pro but yeah, kinda not that blurred much anymore. things are getting tolerable and manageable. some documents or things, i could it on my own. at times, when i desperately in need of help, i'll just bug them. but not to the extend of annoying them. well, i dont really know if i did but i hope not.

well, on that 2nd week, there's a drama happening at this firm. this one lady and this one kid had this psychological fight or something? it's just about taking note, making sure you're not forgetting what you had done and to make it as future reference. well, the kid was being a rebellious and the lady was being sensitive and all. then one of the lawyers who's actually the neighbor of that girl, wanted me to be the one advising her. i was praying hard since day one to be invisible. and because of this fight, they said i was teaming with the kid, which i'm not. after all the mess, suddenly the two became good again. but just in front of the others. what i can conclude here is that 'too much politic, too much drama.' don't you think? because of them, the others seemed to be treating me differently. the fact that i'm not the one who started the fight or something. come on~ seriously? but because of my well-known ignorance and poker face, i managed to pull through the week. and not to mention good friends who have been supporting and listening to me, rambling about these. thanks so much guys. i know you guys are busy and got own problem but i sincerely thank you all for listening to my ramblings.but right now, everything gone fine. at least on my view. they're nicer to me than before. lol well, they already are, some of them. but now, all of them are on the way on accepting me. hope this goes well till the end of this LA.

the third week, scandal. it started at the end of the 2nd week, actually. the kid spontaneously scandalized me with a young male lawyer here. come on girl. that guy already has a girlfriend. but the girlfriend is as the same age as me. lol and i don't like having scandals either. i had many of them in the past, i'm too old for that now. hahaha but the thing is, the guy wasnt helping either with the situation. well, he didnt know about it. for me, he was just being nice, the normal nice. the kid was the one igniting false scandal between me and him. maybe because he's the one who likes to give me the works, the hard ones, keeping me from getting bored to death. well he called it as a 'help' rather than a work. and the fact that he even gave his personal work one time, an agreement document for me to do. it's just aligning the margins at first, but then he asked me to read it, see if he did it right. because i love doing IT kinda things, because it's much simpler than dealing with these laws, so i did it with relax and glad. oh yes, he even said "this is a personal thing. dont tell anyone okay? i'll treat you later." he said it while putting a finger on his lips, indicating it's a secret. he even chuckled after that. i just laughed and shrugged it off though. it didnt really mean anything. the next two days, i think, he received the work and he said it's good, simply beautiful. in my mind, 'it's just a god-damn margin problem.' i know, it's probably because he's being thankful. so yeah, whatever. and then he continued, saying "so umm the project was in the process now, and i'll receive the money soon. so well, umm i'll treat you then, alright?" i just said "okay cool." who doesnt want free food right? lol that's never the problem. the real problem was, he actually leaned at my table while saying all that with the kid watching. she was like whistling, teasing me after the guy's left. lol funny. i found it just normal but the kid, i just. i dont know. maybe she's jealous? maybe she likes him? who knows, right? well, if she is, then be my guest. take him.make him as your boytoy or something. lol she told me the guy was so naive that he sacrificed and spent for his girlfriend so much, in terms of money that he didnt mind if he, himself got none. he would do anything for her. lol well, good thing the kid wasnt here yesterday. wanna know why? yesterday i spent time, after lunch, with him at the meeting room to settle documents for a litigation process. he's being all blur and i was giving him ideas. he said he didnt have much knowledge about that document. it's about construction contract or something. and i think it's his first time handling such case. before this, he usually do on contracts but other types. so we tried to figure it out together. but then we gotta stop because he gotta rush back home. something happened.but i'm so glad, the kid wasnt there. if not, im pretty much sure that she'll tease me like mad man. today, she's here but the guy's didnt come so i'm off from any scandals or anything. lol thank you God. 

oh yes, mom even said not to create or have any scandal with anyone there, i mean here. people might thought of me seducing the 'victim'. lol come on, ma. why would i do that? it's impossible! lol 


p/s : currently in the office, nothing to do, using the office's PC to write this post. they're amazed. lol