Sunday, October 31, 2010

BOO! did i just scare ya?

Big Bang GIF Pictures, Images and Photos

hahaha..sorry for the pic for the previous's huge..i know..heehehe..

well..HAPPY HALLOWEEN YALL! so if it is halloween, it means that it's my friggin's officially my burpday this afternoon..about now..i'm 19? my 19?!! *it's top and seungri's movie* hahaha my last azlinah said..MY GOD! i'm that old? hahahah ok..redha..hahaha

well..1stly, i'm really grateful to God for making me breathe, feel, taste etc this world of His..Alhamdulillah..i dont really have wishes..for now..but it'll come soon..sooner than u think..hahaha..but yeah..Praise to God for everything that He gave me..

well..this year..just same as the previous..i didnt celeb much with my family..too old for celebs i basically we just bought slices of cake, varied, since everyone wanted different got myself a choco fudge..mama also bought me chicken cornish..and yes, secret recipe it is..since it's the only place available at that time and it was near..hahaha pics as it was unplanned..n we only ate it at bum me was lazy to take pics.. :D

so for presents.. the only one was down here..*pointing downward* it was from early gift actually..she gave me on the was maroon-ish..not's nice and i like it..hehehe

abang said he will buy me something but i have to wait till next he does have something in his mind..i dont wanna guess..he is unpredictable..but he did say that he tried to find Jessica Simpson's perfume which turned to a was a confession from him..but he'll find something else..abah, never give me one and wont be..hahaha..i consider my bills, fees and everything are his gifts, throughout the years..hehehe mak (me granny) said she'll give me fulus or money to shop.."adik nanti pi la beli baju, sluaq, apa2 la..naa? nanti mak bagi hang duet.." hahahahah *evil smile* kak cik (my cousin) did asked me a few times, what i wanted for my bday..i said it's okay..besides, nothing came up on my mind..instead, i said "how bout this guy right here? *showing TOP's face* kak cik kidnap die ke pe ke, janji adik dapat die..okay?" of course she laughed very hard and said no to it..she kept on asking me and i thought of mp3..and i dont even know y..i did mentioned it on fb..with 'obviously a joke'..hahaha..which i think it is..a joke..hahahaha

well..underneath all these, i'm still hoping, to have someone play me a song on my's no joke people..i it..i think it would make me feel special..any song..i dont mind..but please no dangdut..any song, play it with a guitar and i will feel incredibly happy..wishing it to be a guy like in this pic (above)..okay..serabai gila..tau..but i think it's fun n rawwrrr.. his handsome..hahaha if he just, (OKAY FINE! I JUST SAID HE! which i want it to be A GUY to play it for me..well..a girl? would be fine too..i guess..urmm..i guess..lmao!) play a simple birthday song, i would be extremely happy..okay..i asked too much, right? haahaha..i knew it! it wont come true, so i just wish for it..for the fun of it..hehehe

let me tell ya a story..when i was young..ok, practically in primary school..standard 5 i think..on my bday..since we're celebrating it, so someone asked me to dance with front of the friggin class!! omg..only God knows how embarrassed i was that time..i'm a shy person, okay? hahaha he asked me to dance, well we did, i think..hahaha..cant remember it was funny..he said "urmm..nabila..urmm..shall we dance?" i was like "huh?" i can see myself burning red..hahaha and i just sat there and laughed..hahaha he even held out his hand and and AND on one bended knee!! okayh?? i'm not lying yall!! so i kinda fell for it..he was such a gentleman..and..not to forget..he's a chinese boy..hahahah darn cute eyh?

in high school, people used to sing me if it was the song with my name in it..hahaha..or we did acoustic together..and stuff..which i's too normal..since it didnt happen on my bday..since it's holiday..but yeah..we used to jam, the guys and me..hahaha we played malay and english songs..well..i did feel happy that time..especially when they sang me songs..hehehe..the part with my name in it, sometimes i felt they teased me..wateva..hahaha


p/s : next post will be the celebration with my buddies..hehehe


hye people..well..ya and a friend of mine got busted for something..hahaha..but iit doesnt get involved with police or not sure if i can considered myself to be busted but my friend here, she is so BUSTED~~!! ahahah..

*pandang kiri kanan kiri kanan* SHET!!!

hahaha..well..*daesung's style* ohhh my gaaaadddd~~!! we're busted for something that is quite..urmm..unladylike thing..hahaahha well..what are we supposed to do? it's the way it is..i's nature..hahahah

my dear friend, who must not be need to 'control cun' anymore..u're exposed..hahaahah..but it's good no reason for it, but it's good..haahahah

n yeah..we had a phone conversation..which segala ape yang lucah included..but hey! it's normal laa..hahahah..things abs,ketat2,tak sunat and stuff..hahahaah..still..guys pon do these things..right?'s for the fun of it..doesnt mean we mean it..well..sometimes..we did..mean it..hahahaha


p/s : makin besar, makin kotor blog aku..haiihhh..hahahaha

Friday, October 29, 2010

it's explicit..

dedicated these to dear tira..since she's really ehsaited about this..hahahaha

as early as 0:25 you can hear him god..hahahaha

in can see taeyang pole dancing..though it's just for a few sec..but the dancing is sexy enough..i think..hehehe n yes..the chicken dance which made rafiq commented in the class is from g-dragon..hahaha..i kinda copied the cute dance..hahaha

Tae Yang,Youngbae,YB,TY,Big Bang,GIF

well tira, u said u wanna see taeyang do what top did in the previous nah..amek ko! kotor gile blog aku nie..hahahahaha

taeyang (big bang) Pictures, Images and Photos

this is the one i talked about..the scan2 thing..hahahah..awww~ cover part tuuuttt..hahahaha

well..finally..this is a picture of my Tabi..'my'? upps..hahaha..omg..see his steamy! i'm..ermm..i just dont know what to say..

well..there are some other explicit pics, gifs and videos of them..hahahah but i think..that's for now..i mean..i should keep them to myself too, shouldnt i? hahaha



yours truly,


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

caught red handed!

omg..tadi had a phone was from mama..sembang2 la as usual..and then..suddenly..i said "omg! handsome nya!" i was actually google-ing TOP's pics from elle mag..yang dengan lee mi sok..which i think he was so handsome and very seductive since gambar tu..ehem2 sket..*tettttt* hehehe so i just cant zip my mouth and i kept saying "handsome gle!" "handsome nye!" "asal tak leyh dapat bf cam nie nye handsome?" hahahahah..seriously, mama mesti annoyed gila..hahaahah

here is some part of the conversation:

mama :"huh? ni mesti yang sepet2..sepet gila punya kan? sampai x nampak bijik mata..pastu..rambut biar cina feng tau (a guy with fancy pacak and stuff)..rimas mama tengok rambut orang cam tu!! penat!!"

lol! *dush!*kan dah kene skali..hahaha..

me : "mana mama tau taste adik nie? my god! kantoi dah..tapi..masalah nye..memang handsome kot..comel, macho and bergaya..hahahaah"

mama : "alah..mama tau..nie mesti korea..xpon jepon..xpon cina..duhh~~ ske la sangat tu..yang sepet2 tu..mata kecik..hahaha"

me : "ok wat..?? adik pon sepet..kne la cari/suka yang sepet..baru sesuai..hahaha.."

hahahaaha..that was part of the conversation which i think it was funny..mama layankan je la aku nie..coz..i just cant stop saying all that..i mean "omg! he's handsome" and stuff..hahaha these are some of the pics..TOP's pics yang aku leyh categorykan yang MAMA MEMANG TAK BOLEH TERIMA BUT AKU SUKA..esp the hairstyles..mama memang la tak gemar my taste..she said, too..urmm..feng tau la..urrmm..susah la nak describe..hahaha..she said it's too serabai..esp for those guys yang ad bangs kat depan..wahhh..itu lah paling die menyampah skali, tapi aku suka gila..depending on the guy's face lah..

senang crita, cut to the chase, i like chinese guy punya look..haaa..u know..sepet, fancy hairstyle, fancy clothings, pierced (depend la, kalao malay, tak mau la..tak kene kot~ lol) it's better to not have piercing..tapi if the guy is a chinese, pierced, i think i'm okay..hahaha..sumpah taste mak bapak benci la kan? hahahaha this 'taste' is 'created' since i was younger..mama memang dah paham sangat la..streotype je yang aku minat..rambut tu kalau x pacak sampai cicak pon leyh mampos tertikam or gila indie sampai tutup2 mata..bangs yang panjang2 tu..hahaha..but..esp yang eyes tu la..sepetness tu..hahahah..tak pon those yang ad 'deep eyes'..alah..senang crita macam TOP la! TOP is 100% my taste.. appearance die la.. now, i guess..u guys paham la taste..which i think akan single la aku sampai ke tua..hahahah..tak penah and tak kan dapatnye la aku laki yang macam aku nak..berjebon la nak tunggu..ahahaah..whatever la..redha je la ek? sedar diri juga nie..aku nie bukan lawa pon..tapi berangan sampai ke bintang..hahahah pe orang cakap? urmm..mengharapkan bulan jatuh ke riba?? haa..camtu la..hahahaha

*pandang kiri..pandang kanan..pandang kiri..pandang kanan..pandang dengan penuh berhati hati..dan kemudian jerit tapi with hesitation..* SHET! lol..


p/s : my God..mesti korang annoyed gila dengan aku kan? sorry la..since i dont really have anyone that i like, i mean a real person, not a celeb, so i tend to like celebs and buat cam laki sendiri..hahahaha..hope that u guys can understand la yer..i'm just sick untuk suka2 orang which then nothing i shall get in return..wah..gila trus terang..hahahaah at least aku bpijak di bumi yang now, aku officially jatuh cinta mati dengan laki nie..layankan je la..OGAYH? PEACE!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

as long as you love me ;)

As long as you love me

Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine
I'm leavin' my life in your hands
People say I'm crazy and that I am blind
Risking it all in a glance
And how you got me blind is still a mystery
I can't get you out of my head
Don't care what is written in your history
As long as you're here with me

I don't care who you are
Where you're from
What you did
As long as you love me
Who you are
Where you're from
Don't care what you did
As long as you love me

Every little thing that you have said and done
Feels like it's deep within me
Doesn't really matter if you're on the run
It seems like we're meant to be

I don't care who you are (who you are)
Where you're from (where you're from)
What you did
As long as you love me (I don't know)
Who you are (who you are)
Where you're from (where you're from)
Don't care what you did
As long as you love me (yeah)

I've tried to hide it so that no one knows
But I guess it shows
When you look into my eyes
What you did and where you're comin from
I don't care, as long as you love me, baby

I don't care who you are (who you are)
Where you're from (where you're from)
What you did
As long as you love me (as long as you love me)
Who you are (who you are)
Where you're from (where you're from)
Don't care what you did (yeah)
As long as you love me (as long as you love me)
Who you are (who you are)
Where you're from
What you did
As long as you love me
Who you are (who you are)
Where you're from (where you're from)
As long as you love me
Who you are
As long as you love me
What you did (I don't care)
As long as you love me

dirty, sexy, hunny

omg..i just saw this and hey! it's top..doing dirty dancing..i mean..OMG! DIRTY DANCING! TOP! OMG! hahahaha showed it to tira and she was like 'unffffff'..hahaha..omg..doggy style gile siaaaa...hahahahaha omg..right now, all those dirty thoughts are bubbling in my head..floating like crazy..hahaahah..ewww~~ but still 'unnnffff'..hahahaha ni baru best nak 'ggrrrrrr'..kat perut..okay?! hahahaha tira suggested bawah sket..which..i think..urmm..nevermind..hahaha..omg..dirty minded..omg!! omg!!! omg!!! iman tergugur..hahahaha like tira said just now, nak duduk atas dia..omg..omg..i cant even imagine it..i dont wanna imagine's too..urmm...sensual? explicit? explorace? hahahaha omg..control hormone..control nafsu, lust and desire..control sumenye..omg..i can feel it myself, i'm making a very evil, nasty smile, grin right god..hahahahah this is bad! majide yabai!


p/s: jangan termimpi top doing u-know-what lah sudah..omg..NEED. TO. PURIFY. MIND. FAST.

what you used to say to me

"kalau aku happy, aku nak kau pon happy..
kalau aku sedih, aku nak kau pon sedih.."

"aku nak kau bagi semangat kat aku..
support aku..
aku nak kau sentiasa sokong and back up aku..
dalam apa apa hal pon.."


p/s: grieving for no reason..just feeling gloom..and these words of yours appeared before my mind..

Monday, October 25, 2010

only look at me

hey! waddup people? ok like seriously someone please just hit me with a baseball bat or something..what had happened to me? i've been dreaming celebs like almost every night..last night this gentleman appeared in my dream..the name is tae yang..n yes, of big bang..hahaha..well, i dont mind much..this guy's hot and sexy..cant help but smiling all the way..even in the dream he is hot..with his innocent smile, he can capture any girl's heart..

to make this more, urmm, taeyang-ish, i'm listening to his song..only look at me..the title..heheheh

so here the story usual, i cant remember much but i know the dream lasted only for a few minutes..i guess..hahaha happened in kl..somewhere near my house..i parked my car down the street..bought myself some groceries i think..then..when i'm about to start the engine to go home, i saw a group of people surrounding something..yeah..i went out from my car..i saw was an accident..i thought i saw blood..then i went through the crowd..i saw him..yes..him! tae yang!! he was covered with blood..and he was holding two A4 papers..he was smiling i walked closer to him, he tried to push himself up..which i think it was weird and sad..i was stunned so i just stood there..i wanna help him but i'm just too shocked to see him like that..and..when he was in the sitting position, he showed me the papers..and he laughed..or giggled?? WITH THE BLOOD STILL FLOWING FROM HIS HEAD/BODY!!! he's insane i tell ya! hahaha..he said..he wrote something wrongly..on the first paper..the second paper's the right one..i squatted to take the papers..i cant remember what he exactly wrote..but the wrong word is 'mine' which should be 'mind' ..i think he wrote 'you are in my mind' or 'be in my mind' or something..but something like that..which i think, SO SWEET~~!!! he showed me that with a smile on his face..the usual, innocent smile he always gave..and..i think i smiled with tears running down my face..OH MY GOD! hahahha and i thought and told he's stupid for doing that..i just wanna slap him for being silly like that but nope, seeing him, made me feel pity..of coz..who doesnt? blood covered him and the papers..but he kept on smiling..and that's the end..


p/s: top,, done..taeyang, victim! seungri? or daesung? hahaha!. unexpected too..

Tae Yang,Youngbae,YB,TY,Big Bang,GIF

BIG BANG PARODY - Beethoven Virus's another parody by the big bang..quite funny..but i have to say that coffee prince is still my fav..well..the 1st video is the parody and the 2nd would be the behind the scene plus extra is really funny in the behind the scene..especially the part where seungri accidentally dropped gd and for the sake of not wanting to get dropped again, gd held on to seungri like there's no is always awesome..tho he sounded funny..hahahaha..taeyang is so cute in the behind the scene..and a lil bit of sexiness here and there.. hahaha


p/s: TOP, like seriously, do you have to kiss everyone in big bang? let's see if he kisses would be so awkward..hahaha..buff guys kissing each other..hahahahah


omg! this is another parody by the silly big bang! omg! so funny..!! TOP AS DOMYOUJI YO! the character fit him so well! so funny of him! especially the "SHIT!" part and the "NO NO NO NOOO" part..actually, all the part adalah sangat awesome!!!! hehehe but than again, it's sumthing like bromance..which n daesung was like kissing, for real..hahaha..still..i dun give a damn bout top..hahaha..WATCH IT PEOPLE!


p/s: do they have any other parodies? BIG BANG IS AWESOME! TOP!!!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

omg! it's ji yong!

lain yang diharapkan, lain yang dapat..haa cam tu lah dia..hahaha..this morning, instead of having TOP in my dream, i dreamt about G-DRAGON? g-dragon or kwon ji yong, the leader of big bang..hahaha..okay, right now i feel so weird since i've been dreaming about celebs lately rather than to have people that i know or vice, it's bout love love and this the sign of insanity? or purely an advice for me? i'll go for insanity or too much!

back to the story..let me tell ya what the dream was about..okay? i guess (i couldnt remember it perfectly but it's something like this) it started with my read my posts, i'm not sure it's about him or TOP but yeah he read it..then he emailed me..added my ym (how did he knew my email add? dont ask! lol) we began to start chatting there..he said, no! he REVEALED himself by telling me he IS the real GD..which i doubt, at first..but he seems so sincere to know more about the blog, me, what i knew about him and stuff..if i'm not mistaken lah..hahaha..and then, suddenly he 'merajuk'..i cant remember why he merajuk..i think about a post that i wrote..then, i tried to pujuk him somehow..but one thing's for sure, i used my BB to do the chat..when i tried to pujuk him, the funny thing is that i said "ji yong..ji yong..are you mad at me?" which is so not me! being so nice and blurgghhh? weird..hahaha that is the only exact sentence that i could remember..and i called him ji yong? hahahaah ok..then..because of that pretty cute sentence, we 'reconciled' so as to speak..hahaha he said he wasnt angry but something2..oh i'm such a forgetful! then..while i was ym-ing with him, a delivery was sent to me..and yes, my bb was about to be dead..i didnt charge it because of him..trying to pujuk, chatting2 with him till i forgot to charge my dear bb..hahaha..then i opened up the parcel..that time, he suddenly disappeared, bb's dead..i was like HELP! hahaha then i remembered i forgot to save his ym id (?) (if dah add, confirm2 la dah ada sekali kan? duuhh~~ stupid dream! lol) so i was kinda sad..n feeling lost..(could it be i'm in love with him? uuu~~ lol!) again, i opened up the parcel and surprised to see a brand new BB bold 2 for me! weee~ and the colour's red..crimson red or just red? somehow it's red! which i love..haahah there are something else in that parcel but it didnt focus much on that..then, i tried to operate the seems that, it has been used by someone..but not too long..i saw a lot of contacts and all of them were korean people, celebs to be exact..i could see super junior, supernova, 2pm etc..and of course there's big bang on the list..hahah and then, i searched and searched and searched..and i found GD's id! bb id! i 'ping' him..saying that i'm sorry that my bb's dead and asking was this bb his..and making sure that he wasnt angry at me anymore..n he said it's his but he gave it to me as a gift..n he wasnt angry..we did something like web cam while bbm-ing (which a 'heh?' pops in my mind right now)..hahaha okay, have to say this..darn he's so cute! and so nice..he made funny faces in the webcam which i think it was adorable..hehehe..using two BBs to do that okay? hahaha one just for the webcam n another for the bbm-ing!

but basically i think we were already a couple but when exactly, i dont know..oh! so! WEIRD!

and..i know why he appeared in my dream..last night i was listening to 'this love' sang by him again n again..and watched the previous vid..and i googs them but he appeared more in the googs since he is the yes! the youtube! now i know..somehow..i'm happy and's a cute dream after all.. ;D


p/s: might as well like GD now..good thing i didnt called him 'ji yong oppa' while blushing..omg..that would be funny! hahahaha

G.R.E.A.T Concert : Big Bang Coffee Prince Parody (Eng Sub) seriously..i have to share it with you guys..especially for those yang minat big bang la..for others, watch it! it's a fun mini drama! i just saw it and i'm like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cm tu..t.o.p adalah spt funny..though it's 'bromance' but still awww~~ hahaha and and AND! jatuh cinta gila sama dia n g-dragon as a couple or individual..though lebeyh kepada t.o.p sahaja la..ahaha..still..awww~ awww~ AWWWW~~ hahaha this parody is effin funny..nak download tapi tak boleyh..frankly speaking, agak geli masa mula2 tengok..who doesnt? bromance kot..but it didnt go beyond the limit la..hahaha..still..awww~~!!! hahaha...nak jadi g-dragon leyh tak in this vid? kene kiss by top! hahahaha *sepak je muka aku, aku tau korang annoyed! lol*

fin *kiss kiss*

p/s : still geli lagi..but ending dia is AWESOME! hahaha

mood: kiss kiss KISS! :D

muka busuk! :D

oh boy, you left me speechless, so speechless!

hahaha..hey hey HEY! today i cant talk much..nanti sakit..just now, woke up from my nap (nap ke? dri kol 2 smpai 4.40? lol) pon terasa kekebasan die esp kat the lelangit..and my two buck teeth bergaduh..hahaha..but soon okay la tu..aku pikir tak mau la cakap banyak..i think i can endure it but..BUT! i cant escape myself from singing..i just have instead of going for metal, rap songs which laju or menguji mulut..i'm going for slow songs..n yes..speechless lady gaga is one of them..hahaha..janji nyanyi, betol? hahahah omg! suara pulak yg takde..1 thing about me, if i dont speak or sing for a certain period of time, tapi jangan melampau lama, aku akan hilang suara..nie about 5 hours tak cakap, nyanyi je, dah takde suara..hahaha dah leyh growl! hahaha

yesterday, masa nak kuar kereta, nak tutup pintu kereta sebenarnya, boleyh kaki tak kuar abes, pintu berlanggar dengan betis aku yang 'cumel' nie..mak aiii..effing sakit..pastu aku pon buat bodoh je la..malam tadi time tido, sakit giler..kat that tadi pagi usyah la..skali a bruise..aduyai..

semalam + today, aku menjadi sangat high..cakap silap je..pastu gelak, gelak, gelak..aku pon dah tak tau nape..n yes, i did ate some brownies, 3 small pieces je..n NORMAL BROWNIES okay? not that Jamaican weed this..hahaha..but i dont take seriously..but i do get this 'weed high' thing..mama pon akui benda ni..hahahaha the picture above is WEED BROWNIES..

leg got bruise, mulut sakit, pastu mabuk macam orang makan weed brownies..YOU DO THE MATH!

fin lalala~~~

p/s: bayangkan aku nak cakap yang "nanti nak masokkan (toothbrush) dalam plastic nie!" instead i said "nanti nak masokkan (toothbrush) dalam peti ais!" the whole house laughed, HARD! :D

Friday, October 22, 2010

just bored

ok..right now, it's only 11 oclock..another 2 or 3 hours to teman mama to her office..n i got nothing to do..all the notes dah pon di nothing else to do..buat bodoh..dengar lagu..tgk youtube sket2..what else should i do? main kerusi pon dah..hahahah..bored~ nak nyanyi pon tak boleyh..ada client kat dengan orang2 lain..aku miming nie orang dah usyah aku cam orang gile..hahaah aku henjut2 lagi la kan? but aku memang type yang tak boleyh duduk diam..what to do kan? hahahaha if i watch movie ke pe ke, takot dah tersedap, lupa nak balik pulak..takpe la..dengar lagu je la..malas lak nak online fb ke twitter..takded mende pon to update..haihh..hahaha

fin fin fin

p/s : adoring God, hensem gile die dalam mv beautiful hangover..ok..googs his pics pon okay gak..hahahaahah


hellooo~ oh firstly, alhamdulillah, result aku selamat..lege sgt2..secondly..about this background..hahahaha ok..mati2 aku igt no one will realise it..realise aper? there BOOBIES kat background nie..if korg tak perasan la..yes..there's boobs..which i know, kotor n sedikit jijik..but it's guys dont have to look at it sangat2 la..hahaha..but kalau nak tengok gak..ske ati la..i dont even care..hahaah..i wont change it to ikan koi la..sangat spiritual sangat..hahahaa..ok..dah..


p/s : Lolli lolli Oh Lollipop, Lolli lolli oh lolli lolli, Lolli lolli lollipop.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a public affair

it's been a while since aku last dengar lagu nie..suddenly semalam download and listening to it non-stop..abang punye pasal la nie..coz on the last day of the cuti, before coming back to malacca, aku ajar abang download lagu through BB..and he wanna test it so he asked what song yang aku nak..aku cam try je la pape..after a list of artists and songs, suddenly he said jessica simpson..public affair..hahaha..

well actually, he alleged that i was a huge fan of JS which im not..i just like the songs and sometimes i do think she's pretty..abang always asked me to dye my hair blond just like hers..bout the teeth, JS kan kalau smile mesti nampak 2 front teeth, buck he said that aku cam tu gak..and he said we have the same type of lips.. voluptuous kah? hahaah..something like 'kissable' la..he said..not me..hahaah kissable here means pouty, lebih isi, and terjojol..hahaha something like that he said that when i pose for photo taking, i have the same pose as JS especially the face and particularly the lips..which i'll always scream saying that mine's natural, it cant be helped etc.. lol he even recorded the way i talk, laugh and stuff once..just to proof the lips thing..and3..he said i like to play roller skates just like in the public affair video clip which definitely a no! i cant even get up with that..hahahah

cut to the chase, abang wanted me to be like her and alleged me of being JS no 1 fan..he even as me to use JS's products.. 'dessert' is the name..and he is trying to persuade me in finding JS's perfume..and buy it..he said it's nice and stuff..which i dont really mind if it's really nice..but yeah..ape nak brother is so annoying but it's fun though..but to be like JS, i dont think so..hahaha..he even said once, i really do look like her..maybe because of the pose i gave..hahaha he will be like dramatically in shock if he heard me singing JS songs..hahaha..which i love to do that, a lot..hahahaa..but end up, aku yang kene balik..hahaahha and yes, he did asked me to wear something like JS..decent God..hahahaha..


p/s : Tonight..Carte blanche, first class for the evening..Ready, set, go! :D

Monday, October 18, 2010

just cant get enough of them! especially HIM! ;)

yamapi with a cute face..hehehe..! *nosebleed*

laughing jin is so cute..really wanna pinch his face..hahahaha

handsome nye jin..rase nak cium je die..upps..but seriously, he's hot when he pouts..his lips are freakingly irresistible! hehehe

chibi yamapi and jin.. heheheh

but CRAZILY IN LOVE with this guy down here!

muke busuk! cute gileeee!!!!

pity him..sweating a lot..still looks a kid..

CHOI SEUNG HYUN!!!!! A.K.A TOP!!!!!!!!

can someone just kidnap him for me, please? just for my bday..then tau la ape aku nak buat kat die..muahahah..akan aku ramas2, perah2 die..uppss..hahahaha..kidding2..i wish to have something with him on/in it on my bday..doesnt matter la album die ke poster die ke ape ke..janji die..but if miura shohei nye 'secret message' pon ok gak..hahaha..still..i want something that has Tabi or TOP in/on something..or something yang similar to what he had like same earing design ke rantai ber-pendant megaphone ke weird sunglasses ke..hehehe..maybe i should just get it myself kan? mana la plak aku nak cari? album big bang je la..he doesnt have own album plak..aish..haa..if dapat 'electric love tour 2010' album ke photobook pon adalah seperti lazat juge..hahaha if suddenly dapat miracle la kan, jumpe die ke pe ke, mau ak pengsan kat situ gak..hahaha Dear God, please let me have something, something related to choi seung hyun / TOP from big bang on my bday..kalau dapat yang for eternity, lg bagos..hahaha xpon dapat another TOP pon ok..clone yg exactly like him, outside and inside..hahah..oh i know! malam bday tu, just listen to his songs je la and open the laptop, watch slides of his pictures..i'm smart! all over..ahaha..

*nosebleed almost all the time*

okay..angau gile..hahahah sorry people..but i'm a lady ya know..i do screech when watching/listening to him..hehehe and buat die cam bf sendiri..hahaha though i know that it wont happen, even in 1000 years skali pun..hahaha..but coz he is so my taste! bad boy-matured face but still kinda baby face, deep voice, deep/sexy eyes, funny, hyper, charismatic etc..ahaha but he is so manly..a great kisser too, i guess..*cough2* heheheh

fin..TURN IT UP!

p/s : mau kene condemn lepas nie..hahaha..

three strikes and your OUT!

omg..!!! hahaha..hari tu appeared YAMAPI..after some time, appeared JIN..recently la jugak..and today TOP..omg!!! 3 of the guys i like,love appeared in my dreams!! separate though..hahahaha..still..i feel incredibly the most luckiest person in the world..though not seeing them in real life, but the feeling dalam mimpi tu pon dah cukup..hahahah dah la sume mimpi best2..

summary of the dreams


haaa..the dream was sorta like forbidden love something..hahaha i like laa..hahah it started off by 2 kids around age of 5 (a boy and a girl) fighting..the girl hit the boy, always..the girl was tough and the boy was so annoying..yes, just like you all thought..i'm the actually we were twins..and belonged to a rich family, mom -tina fey (isnt this ridiculous? lol) owned the the huge Rockafella Plaza, owning a huge TV company..we lived in a huge mansion in California..hahaha..we had Hummers okay..with 'S' friggin rich mom gave me the ceo position..yamapi was just a lazy ass..part time we never been good to each other since small..current time took place..somehow, he always tries to be friend with me and i always thought it's annoying..suddenly, somehow he confessed at me saying that he loves me..that's why he acted like manja2..hahaha..n actually i love him too..but the thing is that we're twins! i far as i could remember, we did kissed! awwww!!! hahahaha sorry la kalau u guys think aku ni gatal ke pe..but it's in that dream..i didnt plan it okay? hahahaah


omg..this is friggin cute dream too..hahahah this one i cant remember much..all i remembered was jin, two girls(my friend) and me hanging around in a cafe..yes2..and me and jin were bestfriends since small..elementary school i guess..oh yes, the location was japan..we were happily chatting suddenly he got up and just gone..he went somewhere..not telling anything..suddenly a text got in my was from jin saying that he was sorry..for just blah like that..hahah coz he got something to settle and he will make it up back next time..he also included emoticons which were a wink and a smile..(^_-) (^_^) and i replied it's okay with a kiss and a blush emoticons (*^3^)/ (#^_^#)..which i dont even know y?! hahaha those two girls were like "just confess already!!!" hahahaha and he suddenly appeared back and took my hand and we lead somewhere..if im not mistaken..hehehehe


hehehehe..this was like a dream comes true kinda dream..hahaha..this one, all that i could remember was we were like a fan-celeb thing..suddenly he said 'why did you say you love me?' say or write or something..hahahaha..and he wasnt angry, just curious tone..but somehow ia disebabkan oleh handphone..funny though..hahaha short but sweet dream..hahahaahah hope to dream my tabi again..everyday kalau buleyh..hehehe

fin weee~~~ *love love*

p/s : hope lepas nie appear la *reminiscing them while nose bleeding* miura shohei ke, matsujun ke, mokomichi ke, hiro mizushima ke (walaupun ayaka's hubby), sakurai sho ke..whoever lah yang i love so much..hahaha it would be better if allllllll of them in one! packed nanti..hahahaha tu mau tido 24 hours tak bangon2..hahaaha