Friday, January 21, 2011

truce written in the earlier post..i've ym-ed tell ya the truth..that day, particular that time, in the evening..i was too emo i guess..i didnt have the feel to laugh or whatsoever..even with the girls - farah, lisa and syida, i felt far mind wandered..i didnt have the feel to actually hear or join their conversations..i was like better off on my my own world..then..the night falls..he replied the messaged i left for him in the ym..we had a few talk..then i told him the truth that im just unhappy and in need of someone to talk to..someone other than the girls..sorry girls..i didnt mean to..but i just dont have the feeling..maybe talking to them girls are too often..i need someone that i've not contact for a while..

basically he was being nice..we're just go with the flow..we chatted like we used to..well the fact that when i think about it, it's kinda awkward..coz it's been so long..and i did say something cheesy..which i'm not supposed to! well..he just laughed at it..he seemed okay with yeah..wth? we're friends right? hahaha

well..yesterday, he asked for my opinion for the new hairstyle he wanted to have..was it ok or was out of the sudden..but it was okay..just normal..but i was kinda surprised..he used to do that when we're close last time..and when we're apart, he dont even wanna say hi..and suddenly he asked me whether the hairstyle will look good on him? oh, hell it's funny..i mean..i was damn shocked..hahaha maybe this is the time for truce..maybe we're going to be good friends again..or maybe just friends..but..for those who see him with the new weird hair in the future, it's from my approval and opinion..ok..speaking of approval..why did he asked me? for opinion and approval? he has a lot of friends who are trendier than me..oh..maybe i'm one of them, to give him opinions..okay.. ^____^


p/s : enough said..we're declared by me..


well..a lot of things had happened to me the surgery i went through and all..oh ya didnt know? lol well..i went for a back surgery last two weeks..and now im so i used to be..hehehe and so the other stuffs..

  • i've been going to north malaysia more often now..
  • im gonna have my final exam for this semester starting from 7th of feb..18th feb is the last i may have to start study now..or not? lol
  • besides, my dearest notebook is quite a troublesome these days since it has been creating problems like shutting off by itself, too slow etc.
  • i've been occupying myself with one tree hill once again..dang! that story is like playing with emotions real hard..i kinda emo lately..maybe the impact of the story..right now im in season 2 eps 13..oh love jake-peyton, leyton, naley! sorry..i just dont like matter how nice she is, i wont like her..hahaha
  • well, i eventually ym-ed 'him'..yes, the one who i have to say, i liked before..but now, we're friends..we're alright..i guess..details will be in the next post..ok? hehehe


p/s : perhaps, i dont have the mood to write too..


front cover

yg card

the cd and lyrics book


one of the most happiest moment is when i get to hold it

back cover

the poster that comes with the album!


p/s : sorry for the late post..but..hell! im the most happiest person on earth! ^_____^

Saturday, January 15, 2011


hey! just wanna say that i've finally received the gtop's high high album..last wednesday..effingly excited bout it..i even brought with me through the whoe journey to north, dad and even me old brother had to bear with it..omg..oh so happy..details will be in the next posts..weeee~~~


p/s : i might as well just hug it in my sleep..heheheeh

Saturday, January 8, 2011

it's the hormones !

is it the hormones or is it the hormones?

*listening to hush hush by automatic loveletters* 

ok..i've been very gloom lately..i feel my life's dull..very dull..nothing seems to excite me..except for reading my old posts..which equals to i laughed/giggled to myself because the stupid things i wrote..but, what i can see is im so unhappy..even TOP doesnt excite me recently, which i think it's bothering me..and i dont have the mood to do anything..all i did was listening to sad love songs, watch one tree hill which obviously playing with the emotions..i dont go out besides class and for food..i dont think i even connected with the world..except for a few  persons..i was like, urmm, better off alone? not talking to anyone, living only in my room and laying on my bed with head's wandering off to nowhere top it off, i have an assignment and sorry lisa, sadly i'm not starting it yet since..i dont know what had happened to just not being myself..

yesterday, if im not mistaken, i was too quiet when i went for lunch..people looked at me weirdly, which i really wanna asked them "what's wrong? got any prob?" then when i got back..while listening to 'love the way you lie', i saw space in 1st level of the parking lot, i was no one! have i gone mad or something? then i stayed in the car, not feeling of getting out..listened to few songs..till people looked at me again, weirdly..

i started laughing only when i met farah and ida and when mama called me..then im back to my own quiet self..even told mama bout guessing it's in the 'red flag' situation..haha yeah..i guess the pms got me well..

just suddenly..i came up with something..i think it's silly but i think im lonely (??)..i dont know's so hard for me actually, to feel mostly wont feel lonely..i dont know..besides, i am a loner..*sigh* like a few days ago, i did thought of wanting someone in my life.. *oh gosh, this is embarrassing* but i dont think so..i dont's just..ahh..i dont know..maybe cause the surrounding? mostly, everyone is like in a relationship..and i'm not..and so, the 'love vibe' thing does somehow annoys's like, "oh mandy, im with this guy!" "hey mandy, my bf bla3!" "hey ya know, my bf yada3" im not pointing to anyone but it's sorry but it annoys me sometime..

ya know, for someone like me who never had a guy in my life except for friends and scandals which i dont think it can be considered as scandal, hearing people talking about their love life to me is like making me wanna kill myself sometime..yall can tell, talk to me bout your love life but not too much..think of my feelings too..ok, yall can say that im envy..i maybe am envy..but..this has affected the whole me rather just my heart or brain..i bet no one realized this right? since, i cant be a bad person to just brush it off, ignore to your a friend, i will listen but there's a limitation to it..i think my expressions are good enough to tell whether im happy, bored, mad, sad or whatever i feel..

plus..sometimes it made me wanna compare myself to yall.."why cant i have someone? maybe im just me much? maybe cause i dont have much male friends?" maybe cause this, that or what? these things got me thinking..hard..but to tell ya the truth, im trying to stand firm in just being single till the 'one' *if it is exist* comes to my life and he shall be the first and the last for's fairytale right? but i think it's possible seems till now i got no one to call as mr boyfie sir..

regardless of all these, i think it's just the good with being alone..except the fact that the same old love stories made me bored and annoyed..lessen it a bit ya, peeps! im tired..and..maybe jealous..or whatever..but i bout yall be in my shoe for one time..maybe then yall know how i feel..again I WANNA EMPHASIZE THAT IT'S ONLY THE HORMONES! I'M CONFIRMED!


p/s : please..dont get me wrong peeps..i dont want to face any misunderstanding because of this post..i'm just saying what's in my brain and bit tired? spare me please..

Friday, January 7, 2011

wednesday addams or peyton sawyer ?

hello people! well..early this week, i bought a's the addams family got both the addams family and the addams family was too excited since it's the only one there, in that, this movies are hard to watched's been a while since the last time i watched this movie..last time i checked, i watched the cartoon version..which i think, real life action is far more better..hehehe

let me introduce the characters :-

morticia : mother
gomez : father
wednesday : daughter
pugsley : son
pubert : baby boy
fester : uncle, gomez's older brother
lurch : butler
grandmama : grandmother, morticia's mother
thing : gomez's friend who live with them together

and there's also cousin it and others..

i've always interested in wednesday addams' character..she's so..urmm..interesting..very mysterious, devilish, smart etc..i like her character very3 much..since i was young, the first time i watched the addams family, i've always wanted to be like her..hehehe it's funny right? but i love it so much! i like the darkness aura that she created..especially when pugsley and her played the 1st movie, she tries to electrocute her brother, which i think, genius! hehehe and the mother, morticia was so proud..hahaha

well..i did also thought of how if my family is like the wouldnt want to see my parents make out in from of me..calling cara mia and mon cher to each other..though it is romantic..but it's just eww..well me and my brother, we are pretty much like wednesday and pugsley..only the fact that my bro said im more likely to be pugsley, but i stand firm in saying that im wednesday..but..nonetheless, both of us are as evil as wednesday and pugsley..heheheh

this is wednesday addams..creepy isnt she? hehehe

lately i've been very dull, gloomy and im assuming that im turning into her, think it's so cool to be like her..u know..the evil forces thing..hahah..

ok now..lets turn ourselves to peyton sawyer..from the one tree also a big fan of one tree hill..though i've watched it till season 4..not a big fan after all right? well, currently, in my hd, all i got is till season searching for season 7 and 8..can someone give a link or website..i dont mind watching it online or download it..but i really2 wanna watch them all..

well..let's see..when i first watched this thing, i saw and interested in peyton..of course lucas and nathan scott are the main attractions..but for a female character, im leaning towards peyton..i watched this thing,for the first time, with my ex-roomate..she's haley biased..and im peyton basically my ex-roomate was more to haley-nathan and me, i like/love peyton-lucas..but one thing's fer sure, we both hate brooke..she's a darn bitch, at first..peyton-nathan is also a's just doesnt suit..hehehe

well, back to the story..i see myself just like peyton..u know..we have minds of our own..we listened to our kind of music..dress like we want this series, peyton potrays a very deep person..she's a cheerleader but   she isnt the stereotype cheerleader..she listened to rock/punk songs, creative and talented in sketching comic strips - dark ones, her fashion style is rock-ish..more of a loner..and always sacrifice for other people..for me, she's interesting..i wanna be like her too..but most of me is pretty much similar as her except she's beautiful and im watching this story, i feel her loneliness, somehow..ok..u guys may think im crazy, but i sometimes think, im her..oh it's hard to explain..but love her hair and her's magnificent!


p/s : i think im lil bit of both.. ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

gtop high high album!

ok..just wanna tell you guys..that..finally..i got to purchase one of these exclusive gd&top high high albums..oh gosh! i just cant wait..there are 3 choices - silver, pink or gonna take the pink one..i was thinking to take the silver..but..i think pink is quite rare..and even if the seller offers me green, im gonna take it! hehehe but omg! i'm frigginly excited right unspeakably excited..heheheh plus..this thing wont be sell in thanks to ebay..particularly to the person that i bought top's autographed photo..coz she has reserved this for me since i asked her to..hehehe so yeah..gonna update bout it in the future, when the thing's finally in my hand..heheheh and if it happens to be, if i get either blue or silver, i wont long that this album will be mine! oh gosh..cant wait to get a hold of the poster and photo/lyrics book inside the album! top and gd looking extra fine in it! esp top..sorry top biased..hehehe and and AND! im surely gonna play the cd inside my car and keep on playing it like there's no tomorrow! lol but afraid it would be scratched..urmm..sighh..we'll see how..hehehe 


p/s : extremely happy!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sprained my foot

i somehow slipped in front of the campus yesterday and see how it did to me! dang! lol but niways..thank to ida, farah and lisa for bringing me to a massage center though it's just a coincidence since we're having our lunch in the same but special thanks to ida since she helped me wrap this stupid bandage which then i do it myself..i think it's so hard to wrap using the thing to myself..i feel like a mummy the pain starting to slow down..thank God..and the swollen too..not much of a pain


p/s : i love inflicting pain to others than me, getting the

goodbye you

hey babe, where are you?
i love you and i need you
you left me here, waitin like a fool
give me a clue
so that it can navigate me to you

you've seen the best of me
you've seen the worst of me
but you see
we're not how we used to be
believe me
we used to be magical, fantastical, just like the musical
but now, there's a gap like the shore in california to the bermuda triangle

laying on my bed while seeing the stars shine bright
with the ciggies on the left
and the whiskey on the right
but nothing seems right
without you by my side
but it's a fright
no tear flow straight down right

maybe cause it's expected
our souls disconnected
all the hard work to keep the love is wasted
like repairing a hair that bristled 
but the memories we've made are settled
treasured it in my heart, it dazzled

dang! you fooled me once, you fooled me twice
but you wont fool me no more
cause ya know, i forgive you 
but sorry my boo
no more trust for you
i heart you
but you hurt me
so i hope you'll be happy
with you're new lady
oh baby
this is a goodbye from me.


p/s : is this a rap? i dont know..i guess so..but no song appeared before me while creating freestyle! created this like spontaneously..inspired by nothing except it just popped into my mind while i was thank you pipe and yeah..i know it's bad..but wth? just giving it a shot.. ^__^

Monday, January 3, 2011


latest vid by them! watch it! so cool~!!



omg! he looks so handsome..etc.. 

not to forget, G DRAGONtoo! lol


p/s : im crazy with OH MOM, top's solo..he sings ok?! like..omg~~~~'s a rock song..not the normal hip hop song..gosh! officially in love more~ lol

cream puffs!

ok..i dont know why..but im crazy about cream think it's yummy and i feel happy when i ate it..every bite taste like urmm..rainbow? lol more into cream puffs than i was before was when i watched zettai made me go drooling over this is so soft, so creamy..hehehe oh so love it..i think im gonna go and eat one now..*going to the fridge* ok..i ate one..oh tastes so good when serve cold..*kinda forget about my dear TOP for a while..sorry deary! lol*


p/s : might as well go buy this everyday! hehehe

unlucky lucky 13

ok..gonna tell this quick..the reason for this title:

  1.  woke up with my lips bleeding and clotting
  2. late for the meeting with my academic advisor
  3. slipped and almost 'kissed' the ground in front the campus
  4. no 'nasi lemak janda'
  5. no bruno mars' album
however, alhamdulillah coz

  1. my advisor was cool with me being late and everything went smoothly
  2. passed my islamic midterm
  3. went for a foot massage, painful but it's fine since i have to endure it
  4. having good friends who helped me regardless of my hopelessness disease *sorry for being so dependable to you girls*
  5. bought the album bro wanted
  6. bought cover for my bb
  7. got cream puffs
  8. cozy in mama's pair of socks *she left it*

p/s : im thankful for everything good that happened today regardless of the bad things that i have to go's not that bad..aite? ^___^

look at me, gwisoon..

well this post..related to the previous know..when i was bored in the room..i downloaded the whole gtop's still gonna buy the album'm interested to listen to daesung's look at me, gwisoon..ok..frankly that was the first time i listened to it and i watched daesug performed it in big bang's concert..omg! never know that it was that funny! lol not a that of a fan of daesung but after listening to the song, i kept playing it again and it makes me laugh everytime..the voice and the way he sings it so funny..i laughed hard after i read the's cute and funny..heheh suits him well..and until now, im still laughing to the

well enjoy! hehehe


p/s : hahahahah and yes..i all toooooo

Sunday, January 2, 2011

living in the hotel

well..i have to say that i love living in the made me feel like a princess or something..ya know..the bouncing bed, cozy pillow, cold room, room service, nice view and so on..i've always like it since i was a lil kid..i guess..i wanna be 'eloise' in the 'eloise in the plaza'..hehehe everything is done by others..the cleaning, cooking and stuff..

actually this post is inspired by the nights i slept in the hotel while i was travelling to north of malaysia for a business trip alias holiday vacation..but it's just for a few days..and i went there on the 31/12/10 basically i celebrated this year's new year in that hotel..there was a battle of a band..i was about to go but then i heard 'dancing queen' by abba and 'nobody' by wonder girls made me wonder.."is this a real a battle of the band?" lol..instead..i just laid myself on my comfy bed with my bantal busuk *yes, i brought them with me..THEM! lol* so i went online and all..watched tv..then it reminds i love living so carefree in the hotels..especially when i got the suite..oh i love that..hahaha but flows like water..maybe i should marry someone who's damn rich to have that kinda lifestyle..

but reminds me of something else..a friend of mama came to our house..when she took a tour..there's only one sentence that came out from her mouth..she said "omg, your house is just like a hotel! i love it!"'s two just her..some other people also thought of the same thing as her..which i house is a, pay me if you wanna sleep 

oh what the hell..i'll be doing that more often now since my dad wants me to follow him the business trips and yeah..actually i've been doing that since day one..since he started this business..but it's more often now that last time..and he said he's gonna go to the place again somewhere in next, we'll see how..maybe this time my brother will follow him..i dont know..but one thing's for's effing tiring..

just like today..we went back to kl from north and two or three hours later, dad and bro sent me to malacca..and now, it's 4.41 am and im still awake..since i've just finished an assignment of mine..well another one to go but i think i'll start doing it tomorrow..oh God..driving back and forth is tiring..especially when it's a long i know how my dad and bro's feel..mama was so afraid when it came for my turn to still, she endured it well..but i think i drove good..i mean ok..not that bad..not that reckless'll try to improve..for the better..hehehehe


p/s : i've read an article saying that each room in any hotel must have at least a bit of semen found either on the bed, carpet or anywhere in that got me thinking hard man! lol eww~~ GROSS! lol


i think im not that late to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to everyone from all over the world..well..i hope that this year would a better year for all of us..shall we be bless and success and everything will hopefully go on as smoothly..hope to be more cheery and be more creative and productive and innovative and all with the '-tive's well..yeah..hope to have more readers/viewers..hope to have more ideas on what to write/tell you guys in this blog..hope that more of my wishes to come true..well i had one of my wishes come true on that new year's eve itself..hehehe so i hope for more..and..i dont know..i pray for the best for this year and the future for me and all of you guys..


p/s : i got a few things to post but nevermind..i have an assignment to do..i'll post it later ok? :D