Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bruno Mars - Grenade [Official Music Video]

im currently in love with this song
"you know i'd do everything for ya"
"but you wont do the same"
aint that sad?
pity him


p/s : he's not handsome but he has a great voice
might as well buy his album

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

coz he's hot and you're not

ze eyes! ze brows! aaaaa~~ *melting* 

Sunday, December 26, 2010


ok..finally ive change the setting to a new one..and im loving it..weee~ ok..done.. :D

gonna go to bed now..planning to wake up early tomorrow..for no i know it will be im such a heavy sleeper..and im so hard to get


p/s : hope to dream of tabi~ wee~

aww~ look at him adorable..ok..daesung's cute too..smiling so brightly..aww~~ tabi~~

pics of him and others here.. weeee~ arent they cute! ok NITES READERS!!

sorry. the pic is so huge. but. aww. aint he look adorable? lol

it's friggin 3 am and im still awake..i dunno why..but i am..i just finish watching the social was fine..not to say real good..but it's fine..i like the friend of mark zucker-wateva shit his name is..eduardo..i think..he looks handsome..the soon gonna be spiderman..heheheh ok..that's about it..

oh yeah..been in tira's place like for i was kinda froze for a while..but's for the sake of completing the text preparation for oral submission..which..i didnt finish it well..i think..ill finish it tomorrow morning..ill try..somehow..

thanks tira for the hospitality..sorry if im a burden..and being quite a useless person..ok so you said, im just like pretty much a burden to others..hahaha but he's too..*i guess* lol being like tabi is fun..but..other people will feel well..thanks so much and sorry again..but if we have time..i'll invade your house again..

tomorrow im gonna accompany tira since it's gnr day for in guns and roses..hehehe so..ok..mybe i'll get myself something too..


p/s : im gonna go to sleep now..and I WANT GD AND TOP'S HIGH HIGH ALBUM!! like now!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

am i confusing you guys?

i love this man here so badly

well..i dont know why but recently everyone is asking the same question which is "are you in a relationship with someone?" or alternatively "do you currently have a bf? coz u seems like one!" lol even my housemate asked me whether im having a scandal or what..ok..people..listen up..listen it good ok?? IM SINGLE and available..for God sake, where did you guys get those silly ideas? hello~!! me?? having someone? are you blind? hahah me, like this, wont get anyone in the near future..and i dont even care bout it..people said my tweets and statuses give them some curiosity about my relationship status..well, this may be funny but seriously, who would actually want me? hahaha ok whatever.. it..maybe..too much of tabi? there were many tweets that i wrote were on him..well..who else? i mean, im into him and no one else, for worry peeps..there's nothing to worry's only tabi..and he isnt my real bf..*wishing he is! :p* well..i just dont know what to say..or maybe im too good with words..but, i cant get any happier when i see him or his seriously..he makes me fly, if like his my man! he drives me insane! :D so..those words naturally came up like that..what should i do? im in love with him, wishing him to be mine which is so impossible..even in thousand years, i wont get him..

and least, give me some space to feel like i have someone..though it's just for a celebrity..which again, i wanna emphasize, i wont get him..i just wanna have fun with myself, loving someone..ok..i admit it..I LOVE HIM! I'M REALLY IN LOVE WITH CHOI SEUNG HYUN! but at least i know my limitations..i mean..i know the real fact..he's a celeb..but at least my imaginations can run wild since it's just a fantasy..i could love him as much as i could, hate him as much as i want, or imagine whatever i want..but, i wont go to that extent, you know, fantasizing those dirty things..hahahah..well, if i did, you guys wont know right? lol

thus, it's much much MUCH better like this!

by the way, i think TOP is building up his body..somehow, i think, he has 6 packs now..i mean he looks tough..i mean the body..his chest looks..urmm..stronger? broader? lol this is latest here..and this is somewhere mid this here..oh gosh! he looks hot in suits..i just cant get enough of him! i might as well wanna eat him alive! lol well..i think he tries to become a bit buffy and he did look like that, a bit after the movie 71:into the fire..well..can i make him as my pillow? pleaaassssseeee?? hahahaha! well, it's a bonus for eyes, voice and body! perfecto! lol


p/s : listening + singing OH YEAH by GTOP ft BOM.. oh! so! addicted! :D

Monday, December 20, 2010


oh gosh..mama baru call tadi and we're talking fine until kluar topic pasal si hamba Allah tu..damn! bende dah lama kot..mama saja je cakap yang die still suka ok fine..pastu mama kt jangan sampai die buat semayang hajat ke istiharah ke..sudahlah..aperkah?? he wont do it pon..takkan la desperate sangat? i mean come on..aku cakap kat mama, kalau betul die suke, cakap je la, be frank with me..although i might just laugh my ass off at him..but still..kalau suke hal sampai nak semayang2, nak doa2 plak? mula2 mama trigger sket2 je..pstu mama kt doa orang teraniaya selalu nya termakbul..apekah teraniaya? mama kata aku banyak mainkan hati die..but mama bukan nye tau the truth pon..aku tak abes2 cakap yang since die tengok gambar aku n abang tu die start's not my fault pon..why didnt he ask me at the first place? n mama kt mungkin die tengok aku ni bukan league die, cam aku nie terlampau high maintaince sampai mungkin die x brani nak approach..aper lak? aper kaitan? aku cam senang..kalau suke cakap je..then i'll think over on what to respond to it..tapi paling terok time last2 sebelum tutup hp adalah mama x abes2 surh aku beware, tkot2 die semayang n doa2..aku cam..xyah ngarut..ok..clearly suara aku dah lain, dah nampak aku bengang..agak2 la..he wont go to that if takde pompuan lain dalam dunia nie..n mama made it like aku pon dah takde choice lain melainkan laki tu sorang..oh gosh! come on..seriously, im depressed..dah takde mood gile..rasa cam nak jerit je..tapi nanti housemates kata aku gile plak..and now, im listening to metalingus, aku ikut je die jerit..come on ma, dont do this to me..u know mother's punya doa will work everytime..and i dont want it to sick of all the things related to him..past is past la..dah malas dah kot..die pon dah tak anggap nie kawan die dah silap2..and dunia nie penuh lagi laki lain..and issue 'i love you tabi' tu bukannye nak permainkan die, yang aku sndri pon tak tau pe yang ad kat dalam hati die tu..lantak isnt suppose to be an issue pon, i mean me and him dah totally over pon as a pasal lak die nak segala semayang2 tu sume semata2 nak dapatkan aku? sebab malu nak confess? come on! kata anak jantan, kalau suka cakap je la..yer, aku kasar n yer ak ad possibility akan gelakkan kau kalau kau confess kat aku..but aku ada hati n perasaan which aku takkan nak malukan or jatuhkan maruah kau tak tentu a man..but, i said these coz moms normally have, kalau betul instinct mama tu, aku mau kau jadi jantan la..ngaku je..aku tak nak jadi straightforward and ask you whether or not kau penah suka aku..nanti confirm salah satu punya maruah akan jatuh..tapi aku seriously pressured when mama said there's possibilities that he does those prayers and all which aku pikir, bukannye sampai tahap nak kawin pon sampai perlu camtu..Ya Allah, Kau ampunilah dosa aku yang mungkin aku telah bercakap kasar/tinggikan suara kat mama which im not intended to pon..aku just terlampau pressure dengan situasi nie yang sepatotnye tak perlu timbul pon at the first place..semoga Allah mengampuni aku..amin..


p/s : im so fucked up! in need of tabi presto!

i'm tryna

hey peeps! remember the post i wrote about TOP's singing..cant remember? ok, click here..well..the 2nd video, i was searching like hell for the song he sang in that video..well, finally i found it thanks to beibi552 (youtube) for giving me the title and the singer..well, when i try to hear the full song by the original singer, i think TOP sang better! like seriously..though his pronounciation is quite funny..but maybe because TOP has a deep voice..but both were ok..but right now, this song is one of the songs im addicted to..gosh! lol i wish i could hear TOP singing it in full..hehehe

well, you can hear it full here by the original singer, omarion..

I'm Tryna lyrics

[Omarion Talking:]
Damn, I really messed up this time
But Imma make it up to you

[1st Verse:]
Seems just like the other day
you were my woman
Shopping malls and holidays
couldn't tell us nothing
Now your gone away and I'm
still tryna deny it
But I'm tired from this pain
and I just can't hide it

Its like oohoohoohoohooh
I just can't get over you
Girl oohoohoohoohooh
It feels like I caught the flu
Girl I'm sick from all these lies and these games
And I'm sick from being the reason we turned out this way

I'm tryna act like I don't wanna be with you
Like I would be OKAY
If you just walked away
I'm tryna act like I don't wanna see you
Like you were just a face
I'll forget you in a day
I'm tryna act like I can do without feeling on your booty
Find another ghetto cutie
To do me like you do me yeah yeah
But I'm just so addicted to you
Imma try but I can't
Cuz your all I'm tryna do

[2nd Verse:]
See ya here and there with your friends
And I start the fronting
Act like I been doing my thing
I don't need your loving
But you see it in my eyes
Girl something just ain't right
Since we don't share this bed no more
I can't sleep at night

Its like oohoohoohoohooh
I just can't get over you
Girl oohoohoohoohooh
Feel like I caught the flu
Girl I'm sick from all these lies and these games
And I'm sick from being the reason we turned out this way

I'm tryna act like I don't wanna be with you (oohoooh)
Like I would be OKAY (be OKAY)
If you just walked away (walked away)
I'm tryna act like I don't wanna see you (I don't wanna see you baby)
Like you were just a face
I'll forget you in a day
I'm tryna act like I can do without feeling on your booty (oh ho)
Find another ghetto cutie
To do me like you do me yeah yeah
But I'm just so addicted to you
Imma try (oh) but I can't
Cuz your all I'm tryna do

Baby I know
Guess I'm changing out the door (Can't play it off like I'm so cool)
Girl you know I'm going straight out my mind
I can't stop thinking bout the things we did and the way we kissed
I know it ain't right playing like you ain't my time girl
Tryna be a playa got me acting like I

Like I don't wanna be with you
Like I would be OKAY (like I would never be OKAY no)
If you just walked away
I'm tryna act like I don't wanna see you (but you know I wanna see you baby yea)
Like you were just a face
I'll forget you in a day (but I'll neva forget you girl)
I'm tryna act like I can do without (oh oh) feeling on your booty (booty)
Find another ghetto cutie (cutie)
To do me like you do me (do me yeah)
But I'm just so addicted to you
Imma try but I can't
Cuz your all I'm tryna do

I'm not tryna act, no
I'm not tryna act like that no more (oh)
'Cause I never had it, girl
I never had it like this before
No, I'm not tryna change,
No, I'm not tryna change this all for you (I'm not tryna change it, baby)
Imma do everything I can 'cause you all I'm tryna do

I'm not tryna act, no
I'm not tryna act like that no more (oh)
'Cause I never had it, girl
I never had it like this before
No, I'm not tryna change,
No, I'm not tryna change this all for you
Imma do everything I can 'cause you all I'm tryna do

well, i did sang this song in class this afternoon..then farah was like wondering what song did i sang..and i realized myself that i'm smiling constantly..actually i was reminiscing the way TOP sang this was funny since taeyang was dancing around and this song is like so awww~~ lol


p/s : But I'm just so addicted to you..Imma try but I can't..Cuz your all I'm tryna do..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

tira, the little miss vanity dreamed something cute..

it happened like days ago..sorry i'm updating it a bit late..since i didnt have the 'feel' to write..

Tira dreamed of her taeyang and me and top! usual, like i remembered..she said, me and her were bout to go to a coffee house or something..the main thing was we're about to chill out and have some coffee..and dear top and taeyang (YB) will join us too..bla bla bla..bla bla bla..the next thing, all four of us were there..we sat on the same MR HOT BOD, TAEYANG is with MS HOT STUFF, TIRA on one corner..and THE HOT MESS *actually just mess* ME with MR SEXY EYES, TOP is on the other..

so, tira said YB and her were like talking and..playing each other's fingers.. -___-?? taeyang seemed to not make eye contact at all with her, she said..they're both too shy i guess..but aawwwww~~ aint that cute? like..fer sure there's 'sneak peeks' between them..i wonder if i did caught them off guard and annoyed/teased them? lol but anyways, tira said, YB's smile was so cute~~ awww~~ i'm sure it's like a cute-shy-ish smile..awwww~ and she said YB's eyes were like so cute, almost closed, well his has so small and cute eyes..especially when he smiles *eyes closed*..awww~~ heheheh ^_____^ my tabi..hahahah..omg..i think it's funny..but, first off, it's tira's dream, not mine and i somehow like it but i *can i fangirling now? before i tell ya guys the my part of the story? ok? heeeeeeee~~!!! aaaaaa~~!!! heheheeheheh!! ok, done* now back to me and top's part.. i've said earlier, we (me and top) werent that far from them (tira and YB)..well, actually, we're infront of tira said, while she was talking to YB, she glanced/looked at us..oh gosh! tira, do you have to? like seriously? lol so..then..she saw us..being too close..i mean ssoooo tira, are we like cuddling or what? hehehe so she said top was like whispering some things to me..and his deep voice could be heard by them..oh gosh! *weeee~ :D* and then she said top smiled so hotly and im with this shy smile thing..hahaha i guess i was too well, the best part is TOP KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK! omg! *officially fangirling then, fainted and alive and continue writing this post!* she said he did it just like in guns and roses' mv - november rain where the vocalist, axl kissed his wife's cheek in a bar while they hanged out with friends..then they get oh gosh! tira, did i? and top? hahahah though im praying for something more, i mean lip kiss..or! sorry tira..if so, you can definitely say "you two, get a room!" to me in that dream or "dream it yourself!" in reality..i wont being a good friend, i dont wanna disgust

oh Lord..though it's tira's dream, im the one who's getting the excitement..sorry tira..myb you and YB should lessen the shyness..and pass it to me and top..hahaha but then..i was so shy when tira told me all these since my imaginations ran, but tira said, we were cute in that close and romantic i guess..awww~~ aint that good? i wish i could witness it well..the next day, i think i just 'continued' the dream but i cant remember

anyways..thanks tira deary..for having that dream..and sorry for overshadowing..hahaha well..may it please dear, have some more of these dreams..and do tell me about gosh! i should just dream it myself..rather than asking people to do it for me! wth? it's for her own benefit too, since YB did appeared and played 'finger game' with


p/s : addicted to digital bounce by se7en feat my dear top.. ^__^

choi top choi top choi top ^ x ^

ok..this is his new hairstyle..for the launching of the GD&TOP album..omg..i love it..i mean the hair..and him.. you did broke my heart last night..and im mad..but..i cant stay mad for long..coz..i love next nice..ok?? hehehe dont break my fragile heart again.. ;)

the mad thing, i think it just happened..the timing wasnt see..i was depressed bout something and still..and then you did what you did..which made me cried..* ok, i cried for celebs or whoever i admire like all the time..if they broke my heart..thus, i am a crybaby.. :D *

you know, i almost hated you for real..but mianhaeyo..i was being too emotional..deep down inside, im still loving so much..and today, you did made me happy..a bit..but i hope for more happiness from you soon..sorry for being too emotional..hehehe saranghaeyo oppa!

and one more thing..lately, ive been following tira's disease of stutter..hahaha example..i wanna say 'laki aku' or in english means 'my man'..but instead, i said 'lelaki aku' which means the same as 'my man' or even 'my men'..hahaha isnt that weird? hence, me and tira had this 'malay suffixes and prefixes' all jumbled up..i think, we should go back to school and learn malay language..oh im bad both malay and english..i just wanna curled up like a ball and hide my face now..or should i just hide my face into tabi's chest?? lol


p/s : i'll keep wishing to have someone like you..or maybe just

: this post looks like im talking to him right? yeah i insane..and topsessed.. -__-" but what am i supposed to do? i should find a real bf..naaahhh..TOP IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR

Tuesday, December 14, 2010





p/s : this is HOT!!!!


hey peeps..well this post is for a certain someone..

hey you! i wanna say thanks for that one time, you recommended me to listen to invincible by's a good song..but hey! what you did earlier, really made me can say hi to both of us but instead, you've said it to her, only..and not just that, you didnt even look at me..through the whole conversation..ok..i thought we're least, look at me and's so duhhh~ i was there, right next to her, and you treated me like im not not jealous, but we're friends too, right? if you still consider me as one..but..whatever..maybe i am invincible..and it's of the aim i've made before entering this university is being, i've clearly made it..though if it's only to you..whatever..i dont give a damn, no more..


p/s : sleepy..and tomorrow's tort midterm..wish me luck peeps..!! oh im hungry too..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

an s class for my next birthday?

welllll~~ the title is only to grab your attention..hahaha ok..actually..last two, bro and me had a meeting/discussion on the new projects we're going to discussing about said something..he sheepishly smile and said "if we got these(the jobs), i might as well but an s class..but that's not for me..i'll give it to you ..*while looking at me*"..well..who knows? it may come true..right? amin..

but naaah~ im into mini are classic..vintage..and cute! ^_____^

but, like what my bro said..we can never fit in these cars..i mean..they are too then..COME HERE HUMMER! lol


p/s : mere saying..but if it becomes reality, alhamdulillah..hahaha

Friday, December 10, 2010

puppy or kitty?

hehehe..well, i guess i know the reason why im lacking off my tabi 'dosage'! lol well..this whole week, i was caught up with works so i didnt have the time to check out on TOP much..last night has made me alive..hahaha..coz..finally i got the time to see his new photos, which i was shocked, since there are so many new news that i dont ok..then, i was like so ecstatic to come back to malacca, and here i, finally, i get my TOP's vibes back..oh, it felt so good..hahahah

well..i always thought TOP's face is like a cute~~ but this makes him looks like a kitty now!! as said by little miss vanity *who thought it's adorable for me to call TOP as*, he looks like the cat in's the pic..hehehe..

arent they the same?? the eyes~~ so cuttteee~~~ heheheeh i wanna kiss him and the kitty!! but more to the kitty since that kitty looks cuter! hahaha


p/s : officially happy! for now! weee~

KL..tell me goodbye.. be frank..i'm so stressed out this whole week of midterm break..i know, i am supposed to be happy, cheery all stressed and depressed and gloom..i was so caught up with the works..the assignments..the paperworks given by my dad..and other business matters..well, dear qiena, being me is not that easy and as carefree as u think dear..i may look like im having fun, travelling and stuff, but trust me, it's not like what u's beyond that..

sorry tira coz u have to layan rungutan ak smlm..i just..i didnt know what else to do..n u're the only one yg ad..yakni sbb kte tgh on9..hahah's fair..everyone has to do it..and im sorry if my works didnt reach your expectations farah, ida and sorry bout that..i'll try to do better..i promise..

then comes the's hard coz we are dealing with important people..not students or kids or whoever..these people are with the dato' ships and wateva ships, boats, so, everything must be perfect..even a slight error like one digit or word salah, habis! im dead..not just me, my whole co's dead..ok...takde la..not really dead..but just susah la..takot misunderstanding pulak..basically, i dont think im cut out for this..for now..but im fast as i could..

then..there's these discussions about the new projects and so on..alhamdulillah..things are getting better..more jobs coming in..but..more worries and headaches too..dengan modal nye..pekerja nye mana nak cari..and..the jobs..isnt gonna be near anymore..banyaknya ke arah utara..well..u see..i dont know..but there are possibilities that, if we really got the jobs and all, and if more n more jobs coming in from utara in the near future, aku maybe kene move to utara, kedah..and..yer, bak kata abang, jadilah republican of paddy it's funny..but when i think about it..aku sangat2 depressed..not just coz it got nothing there, but coz it's far and all i can say is "there goes my life!" so thinking hard about this..but ive clearly expressed to mama and abah that i wont agree to the moving thing..i wanna stay in kl..mama kinda agreed to that..and they will think about it..abang agreed to my objection since we still have jobs in kl..but we'll figure it out somehow..

oh and im very2 sorry to ida farah n lisa for not joining u gurls..hangouts and so so busy..seriously im not lying..but still, im so so sorry..and..if the moving thing is really happening, i guess, impian untuk hangout dengan korang lagi harapan la kot..memang just kat melaka je la we can go out..

omg..i dont wanna crack my head on's just not the time for me to think about all these..but clearly im unhappy..n things wont go as easy..i dont know..i dont even know what to think..these things keep playing in my head..but the moving thing, i've pushed it far behind, it's in the back of my mind now..but still, i fell uneasy..Ya Allah, minta dijauhkan la apa2 yang tak patot dari fikiran aku..prior kan pe yang penting dulu..amin..

and u know..sometimes, i thought im not like other average teens yang boleh lepak dengan kawan2, having fun..kata pon stay kat kl kan? but..aku..duduk je kat kl..tapi..either stuck kat rumah handling business matters..or keluar, tapi either dengan abang or abah, yakni tengok employees, jumpa clients, uruskan anything related to our business..i am happy and really grateful to Allah for what i have now, in the past and will have in the future..but like what abang and i had discussed yesterday, he said "if we didnt struggle or work hard, we wont be able to live like this..we may not be luxurious but at least we never lack of's just enough to support a family.." yes sir..affirmative..

and now..i think..we siblings have grown up and matured..though we are still incapable of taking over the family business but we're learning..and for me, we're learning from the bests - everyone..we dont really have the experience but we're gaining it slowly..and that im grateful..oh yes, yesterday we went to KLCC..settling some things..we went by burberry then COACH..we thought of, if we have the money, we gonna shop to those boutiques..abang will definitely buy a bag or wallet from the burberry..and i said, mama will definitely want a coach..she did say it to me once, that if abang or me, dah kerja one day, she wants a coach handbag for her birthday..which at first i think it was impossible..but aku just cakap, insyaAllah i will get it for day..for sure..and when i said these to abang, he said, "insyaAllah..kalau projects nie sume jalan smoothly, jangan kata satu, kite bawak je die datang kedai nie, beli semua yang die nak..janji everyone's happy! " i cant say anything but instead, i just smiled..hoping for it to come true..insyaAllah..i'll pray for it..for everything..i dont want to be like those people yang kaya, tapi tak bahagia..unhappy je memanjang..i want to have a happy family..just that..takde duit pon it's ok..we can still smile happily without any worries.. babbling right? well..this is the only place to express all my feelings..but sorry la if this seems so, urmm..annoying..but suke ati aku aku! lol


p/s : again..sorry sangat ida farah lisa coz aku tak penah hangout ngan korang kat kl..but i hope korang faham my situation..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

little miss vanity said im innovative with names..

wanna know why? coz i've been creating names using my or tira's name with singers' names..


tira + axl = tiraxl

tira + slash = tirash ( = tira + ashaari )

tira + taeyang = tiyang (or tiang? lol )

tira + daesung = tirasung / tisung

daesung + tira = daera

taeyang + tira = taera *taera rose?*

g-dragon + tira = g-tiragon / g-tragon

*your name is so easy to match with others' jealous..hahahah*


mandy + top = mantop *lol*

top + mandy = tody ? *lmao*

seung hyun + mandy = seung di ? *sounds like seung ri! lol*

taeyang + mandy = taedy *teddy!!*

jiyong + mandy = jidy *sound like gd! lol*

mandy + g-dragon = magon? man dragon? lol

*well, i cant create with my name much..quite hard..hehehe*


p/s : weeee~~

megalicious megaton


see the thickness..oh juiciness..yummy~~!!

yellloooowwww peeepss~~!! well, on monday, finally i had the BIGGEST BURGER OF MY LIFE..i mean it's EFFIN HUGE! it scares the hell of me..i mean, still scares me..coz it huge..!! thanks to my dear bro for treating me that burger..oh's called MEGATON..n it's so cheap! less than RM20!! so, for malaysian, specifically KUALA LUMPUR-ians..u guys HAVE TO TRY THIS! and also REAL EATERS & FOOD APPRECIATORS! u guys too! hehehe it's in Ampang in a restaurant called GERMAN DELI imbiss..the foods there are in big portions..for those with small stomach, buzz off..hahaha just kidding..but seriously, i was almost full when i just only ate half of it..try to finish ended up by me eating only the patty..i did said to my bro that i wont eat the megaton again..enough..once is enough..we agreed on one thing..ONLY EAT IT IF YOU ARE REALLY3, EXTREMELY HUNGRY! *nodding* hehehe


p/s : i wanna try the spaghetti..i bet it will be so bigggggg toooooo...hehehee THX ABANG! LOVE YA!

me, 'eating' another half of the megaton..God damn it's huge!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the yellow thing

well, aint that cute people? ups..pardon me..hello good people of the world..well today, my post is actually connected to the previous one..which is about the thing my brother bought me for my birthday..heheh and this is it..the cow...the cute lil cow..yes..hehehe a five inch tall, annoyingly squeaky, with a big belly but so so SO CUTE! though i know i wont cost him much, but i think it's cute and CUTE! thx so much old know me well..hehehe..great! since i love cows, he said "how bout start collecting cow items?" NAAAAHHH!! no way..too many cows will freak me out..i anyways..this thing is so can be stick on the car whenever im bored or in need of horns, just squeeze this but for me, i take it more as an anti-depressant thing..ya know..when im stress or anything, i'll just squeeze it! hehehehe aww..poor lil cow-squeeky almost get mad and already annoyed since i cant stop squeezing's so fun..but


p/s : tira! your answers were WRONG! lol..well..take a guess on what i'll give ya for your bday..hint : it's imported *i guess*..heheheheh well, that's not really a hint..right?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

hints that arent helping!

this evening, my brother called me..he said something about him n mama went out for shopping..but after they went back, mama went out again but this time with my dad for another round of shopping spree..gosh mama! such a big spender she

ok..that's beside the point..the main story brother said he bought me something..for my birthday..he said it's yellow..but there's lil bit of black, grey etc..and it's SQUEAKY! at first, i was thinking the rubber duck..but i dont think so since it sounded different..oh gosh! im curious..!!

but the thing is..mama supported him on being the 'item' for me..oh gosh! now im even more curious! i just cant wait to go home and see what's the thing..

and just blurted that mama bought me a handbag or something..oh no! i dont wear handbags! puhhhllleaaaasssssseeeeeee!!! mama is forcing me with all these stuff but i wanna take it slow..gosh! can someone please understand me? please..i dont ask for much..i just wanna be myself..someday i'll be a 'grace kelly'..but not now..


p/s : i'll update about the 'thing' as soon as possible..