Sunday, February 26, 2012

first week of legal attachment

literally, i was shocked. not that shocked face or something but by the culture? no, i don't how to put it. maybe i never had experienced the tasks before so it's kinda shocking. but i managed to pull through. truthfully the ambiance wasn't that shocking. i saw more hectic than the one i'm in now. they didn't gave me much work so basically i was bored. there's always time for me to have a good old daydreaming about whoever or whatever. and guess what? they're the one who got shocked by me. first, my boss didn't actually told his partners and workers about yours truly, coming to the office. i think he told them, the day before? something? lol silly boss. and so, they didn't actually plan anything for me. well, at least, the workers. umm~ they're nice and okay, friendly. the bosses were busy people. i didn't see them unless after lunch or even later than that. once in a while they'll be there earlier than that but they went out early too. lol the tasks were manageable.  oh yes! they were shocked too by the fact that i finished the jobs fast. faster than they thought i would. even faster than them.  well, frankly, i was trained that way. one thing i saw in them was they like to procrastinate. i'm a procrastinator but when it comes to serious matter, i won't be like that. i'll try to finish it fast. and that's why they just didnt have a thing for me to do after that, leaving me staring at them or the PC awkwardly. i didnt like to go online on the firm's PC, it's just unethical, for me. i'd rather go online with my BB or Playbook rather than using the PC. besides, i'm on supervision, so it's not good, right? well, that's for now or this week. we'll see what will happen on the next week.

oh yes! missing eye candies back in my university. here, there's just working people. i hate that. and i'm beginning to question myself, will i ever have someone in that kind of surrounding. lol i know it's weird, but i just did. i was hoping for a chambie student or another attache or maybe a cute male worker or lawyer. sadly, none. maybe i should keep looking at that hotel like building more. ^_^


p/s : i'm gonna have everyday blues. not just monday blues, but EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. God, help me.

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