Friday, March 9, 2012


well, this is a quick one. they thought TOP IS MY BOYFRIEND yalllsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why? because i put up this picture as my BB's wallpaper. they said he's handsome, cute. they really believed it. even when i denied it. then i just said, yeah. heheheheheh me likesss. and the fact that the bosses even peeked and thought the same. i think? lol

oh yes, speaking of boyfriend, i got a story to tell. oh this aint gonna be a quick one now. lol yesterday morning, as my brother sent me to the office, he said that "you know what lil sis? i think you should find yourself a boyfriend. he could send and pick you up from work." and i said "better find me a driver if it meant for only driving me here and there." he stood firm to his idea. well, yes, my brother has been my official driver after the parking bays are all expensive here. you want cheap? you have to walk so far away, getting all sweaty before you managed to get to office. oh hell no!! i'm so not gonna do that. since he agreed, he's the one been sending me and picking me up. which i like. lol he even said of telling or suggesting this to mama. normally he would be playing but this time, he really did it. last night, before we four had dinner, he literally suggested that to my mom. mama was backing me up saying that better to get me a driver. mom even said "your dad had 2 PAs who are also his drivers, why don't let one of them or letting them taking turns to send your little sister?" my brother disagreed. "boyfriend is much better, ma." after much arguing, suddenly, mom said something about my brother and having girlfriend. i made an evil face and laughing my ass off at him. lol it didnt end there, sadly. dinner time, he said it again. dad was there at that time. dad was like speechless? he didnt make any comment. just a slight smile to my bro's silliness maybe. i was like 'shut up baffoon!'. but i just said "hey!!!" instead. mom was again, backing me up. thank God. all hail to mama! lol i said to my bro that "it's your obligations as a brother to bring me to wherever i wanna go." he whined at mom. my parents just laughed at that scene. 

and today, i mean this morning, he mentioned about it again. i just ignored him. he laughed hard, trying to pursuade me to find someone. he's been doing so actually, since the first time he told me about his love life. God~ help me~ i wanna live freely and happily~ lol 

listening to drop it like it's hot by snoop dog and pharell. love love LOVE PHARELL!

fin fin fin ~

p/s : top is my boyfriend, for now. just accept that fact, bro. *smirks*


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mandy said...

me missing you too!!!! driver yg rakus beliau setiap pagi. maseh lg marah, yakni beliau, and maseh maukan aku ada bf supaya senang hidup dia. i need your help. find one for me, please. LOL


Anonymous said...

tak sabar nak jumpä~
hahahhaa cakap la kat abg suruh dia carikan sorang. kau buli dia pepagi suruh hantar gi kerja instead of giving him the chance to snooze off, memang la dia marah. wahaha comel korang!