Sunday, July 3, 2011

2pm says HANDS UP!!!

i just dont know what to say..wooyoung looks cute+hot..taec definitely hot..khun is gorgeous and adorable..junho looks exactly like rain but still cute and hansome..chansung looks somehow high and naughty..junsu looks weird..?? ok the hair is so not look good..but he's still ok..

WOOYOUNGGGIIIIEEE~~~~ hahahahah he's like in every bits of the vid..camwhore! still that cheeks of yours simply adorable! lol taec..oh so mesmerized by your voice and rap..seriously..i'll smile everytime i heard your part..maybe coz u sounded so hot? lol  

omg! im watchin this vid and suddenly i remembered idol army..omg woo! your waist..simply are so..urmm..ok you got what i mean..right? lol you're so unffff..


p/s : now put your hands up people! 

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