Monday, August 8, 2011

guys who loves kids are the best!

this morning, well about 4 am, i got to watch the 2pm show 5th episode, not to mention without subtitles..somehow, i felt weird since im starting to understand what they said..ok whatever..the 5th about how to be a good daddy..oh my Lord! well this is far from what i imagined..i mean..normally they're bout cool, sexy or hot guys audition..but suddenly this episode, about being a good dad? omg! hahahah

well, for ladies, they found guys that are nice to kids is a definite husband material..well, i must say i agreed with that..i mean come on, guys, playing with kids, feeding them etc makes them look even hotter than the sun..including the caring and calm expression, darn! so basically, i had the non-stop shrieking time of my life watching this's like, OMAIGAD~ I DIDN'T KNOW THIS SIDE OF YOU! like that..

well, the potential good daddies are taecyeon, nichkhun, junsu and junho..while chansung and wooyoung, nope..sorry..wooyoung was especially scary, he looked like a kidnapper or some sort..seriously, im not joking..hahahah WOOYOUNG, DONT BE SO CREEPY!!!

but the one that caught my attention the most was TAECYEON..and i bet everyone agrees to that when they see this ep..he started off by keeping distance, not too a split second, the kids like all over him..oh the kids here were the Moon Brothers..the cutest siblings..hehehe well, seriously, taec has this definite husband/father material thing in him..i was like awww~ing him all the time..he knows how to treat kids..he listens to them well and balanced between doing their commands and not doing it..and he's so calm~!! he's like, omg! just remembering it made me drool..

come on! look at him..i can't stop smiling and aww-ing..the kids dig him ok? hahaha can i marry him? pweaassseee?? me want you be me baby daddy! kekekeke~ but seriously, most viewers rooting for taec to be the best appa but the result had khun as the's fine our hearts, you won since day one..hehehe aishh~ i wanna marry this guy! Tira, sorry, he's!!

and last but not least, not to forget, my Tabi..heheheh

aww~ he's cute too..heheheh but instead of him taking care of the kids, i think he'll join them..being kids! lol or even 'better' he become the kids' baby brother! lol


p/s : sorry wooyoung, sorry top. not today. today i love taec. 

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