Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ok or not ok?

somewhere around last week i had this small free time, so i thought of trying or more likely playing with the make ups i had..which im not the type who like make up..plain eyeliner or lip gloss is enough..so i thought "hey! what if i get really good with eye lining and lips only?" which means, no eye shadows or blushers involved..for me, i wanna escape fussiness and i want simplicity! so i would just try to style the eye lining thingy..so, i thought i wanna try this : 

it's dara from 2ne1 in 'it hurts' mv..it's simple and it can use as daily look..so again, minus the eye shadow and the blusher..but when i tried, it turned out to be like this:

*get ready for ugly selcas!!*

is it okay with my face? or is it bluergghhh? lol well hopefully it'd be okay..plus! it's totally different from dara's way..lol the only thing is the eyeliner is still 1/3 on the eyelids..others are like totally different! lol i've always been like this..trying to do this but it turned out to be that..well..whatever..i am me!!! lol


p/s : sorry for ugly selcas..like serious ugly..and broken grammar..im just lazy to type it right..

#np ugly by 2ne1

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