Saturday, May 5, 2012

high cut

well it's been a while i posted something here. i was busy, real busy, so i'm very sorry mi dear blog. so in this post, i'm gonna be boasting about something. I BOUGHT HIGH CUT MAG WITH BIGBANG TOP IN IT!! well, i bought it like a month? 2 months ago? lol well here some of the pictures of it.

i bought it through ebay and i'm so effingly happy about it! i even shrieked! since i got it at the office, the staffs there were like curious because it came as a parcel. they even tried to snatch it from me. though i was like very excited about it, i restrained myself from opening it.

when i went home, opened it in front of my parents, they werent shock instead they were like 'oh, what type of mag is that?' i told them and they were like having a look at it. mom liked the styles and dad's face was like 'that's the guy that my daughter loves? okay.' mom was like 'no wonder you bought this. isnt this the korean guy you adore so much?' i nodded and grinned and all. they didnt even asked how much it cost me or anything. they were like 'as long as you're happy, we're happy'. so thanks mom, thanks dad! heheheheheehe


p/s : i was about to write something but i forgot what it was. well let me think about it again and i'll write it here. okay bye!

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