Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bigbang Alive Tour

so you guys must be wondering why i didnt update anything yet about this. well, firstly i do know they're coming and secondly, I SURE AM GOING BETTCCHHH!!!! lol oh! TOP hates girls who like to curse, so i'm gonna take it back. i'll be going yalls! heheheeh

My cousin told me about this since i was having internet problem. He was like "Mandy! Mandy! Do you know BB's coming to Malaysia?" and i was like "What? When?" He went like "They just announced it in the net. Check out the news too. it's all over the media now." and i was like "omg! how didnt i know about that?" He was then like "You're going, arent you? your face, heheheh so excited!" i was like nodding, shrieking and everything. lol

and then i told mom about it.  She was between don't care and okay, i do care. She was like asking me 21 questions. "When? where? How much is the ticket? Who are you going with?" and all. and then i said "For sure it's in KL. When, i dont know." at that time i said June or July but right now, my calculation would be somewhere between october and november. Dear God, please let it be on my birthday, on the halloween day itself! pleasseeee~~~??? heheheh i would be so happy if it's on my bday. and the about the ticket, i just said i dont know but i'll just save up some money. 

and about the person i'm going with. personally i feel so lucky and thankful that when i asked Farah to join and she agreed to it. THANKS SO MUCH FARAH!! LOVE YAAA!!! Farah, let's save up some more and buy the merchandise too!! heheheeh and don't worry, i'll inform you about everything.

so mom said okay and she said to let my brother send me to the venue and all. basically she's okay with it and YAY! I'M HAPPY! 

well, that's all for now. i'll update later. got something to do. bye!


p/s : let there be miracles or at least a miracle that night. ;p


chocolate lovers said...

lol.. akk nk g juga.. nk tgk taeyang~~ tp time tula nk raye time tula t-ara pun nk dekat dtg.. time tula ngah praktikal.. wuuu even duduk uma my sis ntah dia bg ke x kalu nk g pun.. wuuu T__T

mandy said...

hahahah jom la pi tgk sme!!!! diorg ne timing mmg jahat. jom laaa~!! mama x bg kalau sy sengsorang. jom laaa~!! *puppy eyes*