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Big Bang QUIZZES i did!


What is your Big Bang Future?
Number of Siblings 
Who will you marry? Seunghyun
Who proposes? Him
Who is the best man? Seungri
How many kids will you have? 7
How happy will you be? - 100%
This QuickKwiz by sunnypark - Taken 904 Times.

~omg! so many children! tabi dear, im not a factory! you love kids too much dont you? hehehe still, it's good to have your children..they would be so handsome/pretty and childishly stubborn like you! and lazy like us..haahahah we'll be happy too! awww~ hehehe~

Who's Your True Big Bang Lover?
Fav. color 
Fav. Sport 
Your true lover is T0P
This QuickKwiz by big_bang_LOVE - Taken 1213 Times.

~nothing that i could say except 'YAY!!!' lol~

Time For Big Bang!
Full Name 
Your Big Bang? T.O.P
He will call you? Honey
Your time with him is? The best time there could be
He declared his love for you by saying? Urin seoro cheonnune banhaesseoyo"It was love at first sight"
Your song together? Thank You - Super Junior
Does he love you? Yes and he will forever.
This QuickKwiz by *Rising_Sun* - Taken 794 Times.

~aww~i just dont know what to say..seriously im so happy to get this result! even blushing too! i mean, if only it's real..hahaha sadly it isnt..oh, if it is, i'll be so grateful and i'll make him happy! dont matter what it takes! i'll love him forever! and ever!~

how do you get on date with big bang's member?
Favourite Color 
you'll get on date with Dae Sung
Where would you go? to the village
He would say.. I like your eyes
what will he do after he take you home.. hug you
is he happy go on a date with you? yes
This QuickKwiz by shi-chan - Taken 793 Times.

~this is simply sweet! heheheh a nice date with the smiling angel, who doesnt want this? right? hehehe~

Your Big Bang Love Life?
Favourite Color 
Your love at first sight is Daesung
The person that cheats on you is Daesung
Your first kiss is with Daesung
The person that asks you out is Daesung
The person you marry is Taeyang
The person you run away with is Taeyang
This QuickKwiz by x_victory - Taken 1630 Times.

~at first, it's all just dae and suddenly it went to bae? poor dae..sorry dear..hahaha both guys are too good to be true! hehehe~

When on a date with Big Bang
Name / Username 
Your went on a date with T.O.P
He brought you Chocolate
He brought you to a/an movie
The date was Great!
Before he went home he said Lets be together?
What happen next? he introduced you to his members and they like you
This QuickKwiz by pumpkinprincess - Taken 704 Times.

~awww~ this is so adorable? isnt it? the chocolate thing, is so him..hahaha but the 'let's be together' part is the best! hehehe and so does the approval part..awww~ it's all blessed and filled with love..heheheh~

Your Big Bang Daytime Drama
Your First Name 
You're the heroine. Who's your love interest? Seunghyun
Who's trying to break you up? Daesung
Does it work? Yes
Is there going to be a wedding? Yeah, but it's postponed.
Whose wedding is it? Jiyong's
Will there be a season 2? Yes, everyone loved it.
This QuickKwiz by sunnypark - Taken 626 Times.

~i cant comment on this! too funny!! hahahaahah come on! dae? the evil guy? and then marry jiyong? hahaha evil plot for nothing then..hahah but the season 2 thing is the most funny! hahaahah maybe because too much conflict! lol~

What is Big Bang to you?
Favourite Color 
G-Dragon adalah adikmu
TOP adalah selingkuhanmu
Taeyang adalah sahabatmu
Seungri adalah tukang kebunmu
Daesung adalah supirmu
This QuickKwiz by vannessgal - Taken 617 Times.

~gd as my lil bro? ok as my secret lover, nice! hehehe tae as my friend, that's great!! seungri as my gardener and dae as my driver??? weirddddddd!!!! hahahaha~

Big BANG!!
Favourite Color 
You LOVE.. Taeyang
He likes you back? No
Who LOVES you? GD
would you give him a chance? Yes
Will You marry the guy who LOVES you? Yes
Or Marry the one YOU love? Yes
This QuickKwiz by minhwan_love - Taken 526 Times.

~so tae rejected me and eventually there's gd, who loves me..and i ended up with's like a real life story, isnt it? hahahaa but yes, i do wanna marry gd though im top bias but in this situation, i'm gonna be ok with gd because he loves

You're Big Bang's...
Name / Username 
name sister
This QuickKwiz by Fleurenx - Taken 526 Times.

~well, i could at least be near them! hahah but being their sister would be so cool actually..hehehe~

Your Big Bang 100th Day
First Name 
Who is your boyfriend? Seunghyun
What's his pet name for you? Wife
What does he get you on your 100th day? Flowers
What did you get him? Chocolates
What does he sing for you? Together Forever
Will you get another 100 days together? (8) - Signs point to yes. - (8)
This QuickKwiz by sunnypark - Taken 525 Times.

~awww~ ain't he romantic? pet name, wife? wifey? hahahah ok nice..i'll call him hubby then..hahahah *blush* and i'm makin him fat, givin him choco! but he likes those sweet things, so it's brilliant! lol the song is aww~ i'll melt! seriously!! we'll be together forever, not just another 100 days..*shyly grins*~

Big Bang CRACK!Quiz!
Full Name 
Who bought the banana? Jiyong
Who gives you the banana? Youngbae
Who eats your banana? Seunghyun
Who slips on your banana peel? Jiyong
Who ends up cleaning up your banana peel? Jiyong
This QuickKwiz by sunnypark - Taken 522 Times.

~jiyong's so nice to buy and even clean the peel after he slips..but maybe he's shy so he asks youngbae to give it to me but somehow no one can stop the banana lover, top from eating it..tabi, it's mine! i know, your jealous, that's why you ate it and left the peel on the floor!! haaa! i knew it!! hahaah~

Big Bang Halloween!
First Name 
It's Halloween. You're dressed as: a twin
Your date for the evening is: Daesung
He's dressed as: Spiderman
How much candy do you get? 9897
Oh no! Your candy is stolen! Who stole it? Seungri
Do you get it back? (8) - Don't count on it. - (8)

~being twin is scary! hahahh aww~ ssongie as my date!! heheh spiderman would suit him well, real muscles..hehehe wow! so much candies! yippie! and you naughty, jealous seungri!!! im gonna fight for it!!!~

Favourite Color 
Your first crush is... Jiyong
Your boyfriend is... Seunghyun
You'll end up marrying... Jiyong
You'll have __ kids... 2
It'll be _____'s kids... Jiyong
You and your member's song is... La La La
This QuickKwiz by ilovebigbang - Taken 394 Times.

~aww~ top is like 'just the phase' only hahaha sorry dear..but jiyongie got me..hahah 2 children, ok cool..they'll be fashionistas like, he's gentleman right? so cool! hehehe but the song, isnt fit right? urmm~

Big Bang Quiz - Is he TOP??
Favourite Color 
The 1° time you talk with him was because: You hit him without notice it!
What made him fall in love with you? Your cuteness
Why he cant go out of your mind? He is always surprising you
How is he gonna tell you he loves you? He´ll steal you a kiss & say he loves you
Which is your song? (maybe your story) Lies
Who is he? Daesung
This QuickKwiz by Ricar - Taken 373 Times.

~tabi, sorry for hitting you, i swear i didnt notice it..hahahah i love everything except the the song and the other guy..i wont lie to dae is your way!! but i love the express love, urmm, nice? lol~

A day with your Big Bang lover
Name / Username 
Your Big Bang boyfriend is: Daesung
He took you to: a strip club
You two: got into a huge fight on your date
Late on he... purposed to you
In the end you ended up with: TOP
Were you two happy? yes!
This QuickKwiz by BigThong - Taken 358 Times.

~sorry i said, i love top..i cant do anything bout it..hahaha *happy face*~

You're Big Bang
Name / Username 
You're Big Bang... manager
This QuickKwiz by Fleurenx - Taken 346 Times.

~ok, managers can have relationship with the celebs too right? ahahaha~

who is your big bang
Name / Username 
you met.. Seungri
where did you meet him? at the mall
wat made him fall for you? your eyes
how did he express himself to you? told you 'im yours!'
are you going to marry him no
how long 30 years
This QuickKwiz by chuchu12 - Taken 341 Times.

~of course it's a no..i love top..duhh~ hahahaha sorry!~

Big Bang Is Your...
Name / Username 
G-Dragon Brother
T.O.P Brother
Tae-Yang Neighbour
Dae-Sung Enemy
Seungri Bestfriend
This QuickKwiz by hot_issue - Taken 268 Times.

~one thing's for sure, i dont wanna be enemies with dae..pleaseeeee..~

Big Bang love story
Favourite Color 
Your Big Bang lover/husband top
what you did on ur special nite party
who accidently came into the room best friends
what did u do next every night you wud go over to his house an hav sex
pregnant u found sex fun
were you both happy maybe
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 240 Times.

~bb guys, dont disturb our privacy, please? hahaha and, is it all about sex? ok, i know top wants to get married late like when he's 40+..somehow i just have to tolerate with it..but still, being with him is enough..hehehe~

U and your big bang lover
Name / Username 
tae,g-dragon,top,dae,seungri u and ur big bang lover (Hueva that is)
Wer did u meet club
first The guy asked u out
second had a bath together
third kissed
How many kids and were u both happy naa den y won't u be happy with 4 kids
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 211 Times.

~of course it'd be top! hehehe uuuu~ hahah isnt kiss supposed to be the 2nd step? we bathed together then kissed? ok, that's just physical! ok, forgot that top likes skinship..but that's too much of skinship..hahaha n aww~ 4 kids! again, tabi, why are we having so many kids? 'accidents', i guess..LMAO!~

Your Big Bang Date
Name / Username 
You go on a date with taeyang
he brings you to carnivalpark
after the date he tells you i love you
you react by kissong him
he tells you i was just kidding
he makes up by going on another date
This QuickKwiz by jiyongmyheart - Taken 200 Times.

~aww naughty tae! hahahah but it's cute to date in a carnival..get me the teddy bear next time! hehehe~

ur big bangs love story
Name / Username 
Ur big bang lover tae
meet park
how he confessed his love sed will u be mine forever
what does he cal u Mrs dong
will u be happy togetha yes
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 192 Times.

~ok this is just simply awwww~~~ mrs dong yong bae? awwwww~~ cant be more happy than this! heheheh~

big bang family
Full Name 
Mother seungri
Father g-dragon
Sister g-dragon
Brother seungri
Pet dae
Butler top
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 189 Times.

~ahahah i cant accept dae as my pet! aww~ too cute ok? hahaah but top as my butler?! funneyhhh!!! maybe gonna have secret relationship with him..hehehe sorry mom tory and daddy jiyong! hehehe~

who is your big bang
Name / Username 
you met.. TOP
where did you meet him? at the mall
wat made him fall for you? your eyes
how did he express himself to you? he sang a song that he wrote for you
are you going to marry him no
how long 2 days
This QuickKwiz by chuchu12 - Taken 184 Times.

~hahah ok maybe the 2 days is actually the time for me to think again about the marriage..maybe i was too shocked..tabi, im sorry..ok i do..i do wanna be your wife..heheheh~

wat ur big bang lover do
Name / Username 
ur big bang whoever you love from big bang tae g-dragon top dae seungri
Wen u hurt urself make fun of u
Wen u act cute/funny hold u tightly
At the cinemas/mall says saranghae loudly
at his bedroom helps you take off ur clothes
will u both be happy together sooner or later u will get married and be happy
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 180 Times.

~tabi is so bad, just laughing at me when im hurt..but aww~~ the hold tightly thing and especially the saying saranghae loudly! people are watching you fool! *blush* the bedroom thing, no comment..hehehe aww~ we'll be married n happy..*satisfied*~

Big Bang Story
Name / Username 
who is you big bang lover? t.o.p
how did you meet? in the ice-sream shop
did you have fun? are you kidding me
who did you end up with? daesung
which band did you go for next? 2pm
This QuickKwiz by idunno_08 - Taken 179 Times.

~tabi loves ice cream, me too! hahaha but dont wanna cheat him with bad..n then go for 2pm? hahah so not..dont wanna be a cheater..though nickhun and wooyoung are kinda cute..hehehe~

Full Name 
How you met them (one member at first) You went to the salon to get your hair bleached, and when you stepped inside the salon there was a G-Dragon waiting in line to get his hair black again and you guys just talked.
Once you met them... Daesung fell in love with you since you laughed at all his jokes, but really you were just laughing to make him stop making his weird jokes. [Didn't work out so well...]
Incoming the BiT** that try to steal your man is... SNSD's YOUNA~!! You knew the first time you saw her little innocent face she was faking everything ELSE~!!!!! [If everything falls into place just run for Taecyeon if you want!]
DiD that Girl steal YO' man?? Yes, but somehow she died the next. *CURIOUS*
This QuickKwiz by YUNHO_LOVER - Taken 151 Times.

~me n gd being salon friends is kinda nice..but the dae part, oh i feel sorry for him then..weird jokes? like? ok, i dont favor yoona much so urmm..did i kill her? lol~

Big Bang Lover
Name / Username 
you meet gdragon
you meet him when reading a book at the library
he ask you if you want to go to jeju with him
you react by kicking him
you go on a date to the beach
he tells you he's the father of your baby
This QuickKwiz by jiyongmyheart - Taken 135 Times.

~at first, it's all 'aww~'ish, i mean jeju is like the romantic island right? kicking him is funny and cute..but the father thing? hahahah baby gonna be fashionista like daddy..wait! since when did i get pregnant? maybe he wants to be the father in the future..haa! so much better! and romantic! hahaahah~

a BIG BANG " i wish that happened in real life" story
Favourite Color 
Once upon a time you were walking on the street
when suddenly TOP, DaeSung, SeungRi, TaeYang, G-dragon
from BIG BANG spilled his drink all over your new TOTALLY cute outfit
You instantly got angry and punched him in the face
Someone suddenly called out his name it was... TOP, Daesung, SeungRi, Taeyang, G-dragon
Then out of nowhere the first guy from big bang said he loved you
This QuickKwiz by kirXiahh - Taken 126 Times.

~omg! then sorry tabi, for the punch thing..but it's your fault! hahaha but it's worth least for hear the 'i love you'! and that means you really love me, because you still you love me after being punched..hehehehe~

big bang...buddy
Name / Username 
stupid buddy seungri
gay buddy top
lesbian buddy seungri
sex buddy dae
kiss buddy g-dragon
buddy BUT ur big bang lover will be EVERY SINGLE buddy to u e.g sex buddy gay buddy and on and on
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 120 Times.

~gagaga seungri..stupid and lesbian..hahaha top is much3 more funny lol!! dont you be gay please..dae as a sex buddy, kinda ok since he got a hot bod..hehehe jiyong, my kiss buddy, great! hehehe~

I love big bang
Name / Username 
Husband G-dragon
boyfriend G-dragon
soulmate seungri
bestfriend G-dragon
girlfriend G-dragon
buddy dae
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 117 Times.

~d'awww~ jiyong is like everything..hubby, boyf, bestf, and even girlf..obviously gf because of the fashion style..hahaha but still awww~

big bang food
Name / Username 
Dong YoungBae pizza
Kwon JiYoung meat
Choi SeungHyun chocolate
Lee SeungHyun pizza
Kung DaeSung chicken
........ whoever is ur big bang lover..he will always bring u those food..and u will share an eat together..and after all tht eating u will make love in the room upstairs
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 116 Times.

~eating chocolate and make love? that's bout using the choco while having sex? heheheh and it's tabi, for God sake! the sex god of big bang they say..i like~ *making horny face* hahahah omg! ~

Big Bang Aein
Name / Username 
big bang lover g-dragon
meet ur bed
first date straight away you guys just had sex
next u went on another date with him
finally you got married and had kids
were u both happy of course after all tht
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 107 Times.

~well, i got to say, it's all too fast! am i right? hahaha still, happiness is the main key..but still..urmm..nevermind..hahhaha plus! kids again? please dont say we have many of them..hahahaa~

ur big bang....
Name / Username 
ur big bang lover dae
first love in first sight
second you and him hardcore
third he confessed his tru love to u
fourth u always spent the day with him
finally u guys jus stay with each other every 24/7
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 107 Times.

~awww~ it's all nice but the hardcore part, i got no comment for that..hahahaah and it seems that we're inseparable! hehehe~

Your Big Bang
Name / Username 
g-dragon pet
tae yang brother
top husband
seungri father
dae sung secret bf
who did you end up with tae yang
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 106 Times.

~hehehe gd gonna be a very cute, fashionable pet..tae has the brother thing in his as hubby is awesome and what i wanted..seungri as father? hahahah please dont nag..dae? you like to make me cheat on top, arent you? lol ended with tae would be awkward since he's like a brother though his sweet and innocent..hehehe~

Big Bang Go
Full Name 
Big Bang Lover tae yang
Were you met in the toilet
What did you do fighted
was it fun no
what happened next adopted a baby
were you both happy maybe
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 105 Times.

~hahaha ok, toilet is a no good place..and fought? maybe to determine it's a male or female toilet..or maybe unisex..hahhaah adopt? ok..i know why..and i know you all know why..hahahah he's so untouchable..upps!! hahaahha~

Like big bang
Name / Username 
Friend top
like tae
Love tae
Hate dae
Find hot/sexy/cool/nice.... tae
end up with dae
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 105 Times.

~ok, what can i say? it's all good..but it is like what people say "dont hate people, you might end up with him." like that..hahahah~

What big bang
Name / Username 
Whose Ur Big Bang lover top
who will act as ur Bf tae
who will act as ur Gf bestfriends
who will u hate dae
who's wedding are u gnna be bridesmaid/best man tae
wer u happy totally
This QuickKwiz by BG_BG - Taken 104 Times.

~ok, so tabi is my lover? and tae is? oh, maybe a close friend who is a boy..right? hahaha aww~ i'll be his bridesmaid..hehehe tae, be our's best man too ok? but i aint gonna hate dae..poor him..hahaha being hate for no reason..~

Big Bang Real love
Favourite Color 
Who did you meet? G-Dragon
Where did you meet him? at a Big Bang's fan meeting
What did he do? he smiled you and asked for your name
How did you react? you blushed and couln't look straight to his eyes
What happened after that? he called you one day on the phone and asked you if you were agree to going out with him as your lover
How did your story ends? he dedicated a song for you during a concert and then asked in front of all the band, staff and fans , if you would like to marry him
This QuickKwiz by Sanae68 - Taken 101 Times.

~at first, it's like the casanova jiyong..but then it turned all romantic, the way he propose! omg! i might as well throw up, so nervous ok? hahaha fans gonna hate many. haters. but. bless us, thank

Insanely in love with which Big Bang member?
Full Name 
Your insanely love is TOP
You met him at In Korean at a fan meet
You then Jumped him
The next day he threw you out and then you Got his number somehow
He found your behaviour Oddly weird but still cute
After a month of being around you he Asked your hand in marriage
This QuickKwiz by Burning91Rose - Taken 87 Times.

~notice that i used my nickname..hehehe sorry..ok here, im like so desperate and aggressive..jumped on him? and still got his num? so cool~!! but when it lead to marriage, it would be funny, reminiscing over the memory lane..hahahah still, i do baby, I DO!! lol~

Big Bang MASH
Favourite Color 
What will you live in? House
Who will you marry? Daesung
Where will you live? Antarctica
What will you drive? Honda
How many kids will you have? 6
Who will be your best friend? GDragon
This QuickKwiz by luluvanilla - Taken 36 Times.

~ok, so everyone knows deasung is the cash man..but a house in antartica? cold place but ok, that's my in the being serious now! heheheh me love! and driving on the ice with honda..quite a wheel we got there..dae, good taste..hehehe but again, why so many children????!!!!! are we married early or what? or there's nothing else to do there accept making babies? hahahaha jiyong, your the man! heheh~

im having so much fun while doing the quizzes..hehehe gonna search something like these again somethime..hehehe

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p/s : love the story lines on marriage with tabi..but still, WHY SO MANY KIDS?????? WHY???!!! tabi, next time, we should be careful..not to make any more 'accidents'..hahahahahaha ok? because then, we may not have time for each other with the babies around..hehehehe *flushed*


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