Tuesday, May 24, 2011

lil somethin somethin

for these few days, i'm trapped with flu and sore throat so i have this rockstar kinda voice..the husky voice..i tried sang big bang's 'tonight', it sounded so rock-ish..sorry song..i've been horny these few days too..yes, you read it right..horny..because it's the time of the month again for women..so yeah..been imagining a lot lately, bad stuff to do..but, since im bored, it's an entertainment, like a bedtime story for me..hahaha imagine about what? let it be my secret and only mine..hehehe and just now, i watched the making of big bang's secret garden parody..seriously, i wanna rip off TOP's shirt..and pants..man, that it is so tight! the 'thing' is too obvious, have said to tira about that, even she didnt realize that..ok..sorry..im such a hentai..hahahah 

well, yeah..that's about it..


p/s : sorry for the small pic..lazy to search..hahaha 

*pink = hentai,  learned it from ogura san*

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