Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a light shining through the darkness..

last night, while i was studying for my final exam for this 3rd sem, i was bored..so i browsed through my playlist..suddenly i found this song..

ok..im not sure if it's hum kar leng or hum ga ling but in my playlist, it says hum ga ling..it's from lazy mutha fucka @ lmf..hum ga ling itself means "curse your family will go to hell"..something like that..hahaha well, dont think i listen to these kinda songs? you're wrong! im kinda cool with it..hahahah ok so..while listening to this, suddenly i thought of something..ok, my mom used to tell me to find a guy like this..

the name is ashraf muslim..well my mom would prefer me marrying a guy like this..well, he's quite handsome and somehow pious..and young..mothers like these types right? hahaha well, last night, listening to hum ga ling which obviously involved 24 hrs of cursing and suddenly i thought of a marriage with a handsome young pious guy..isnt it contravened and messed up? 

ok well, 1stly, i dont have anyone and i dont know when i'll be having one..i think the day i'm married to someone is the day i have myself a someone..hahaha 2ndly, im like this, i mean the songs i listen to is enough to show my personality which is so emo and loner..hahahah not loner but i prefer to be alone..like living in a solitude, not wanting to be disturbed or annoyed..3rd, i dont think i could find a guy of this pious type but understand and accept my personality that is like this *pointing oneself*..well maybe there are guys like that but it's hard to find..

oh yeah..while thinking bout these, ida texted me so i told her bout these..she asked me stop listening to the song..hahahaha and she said i could find this type of guys but they wont be like me who never been in a relationship before..sad isn't it? but i dont give a damn bout it..hahahah i see myself as taeyang..so pure and innocent..ok lies..hahaha except for the fact that he kissed a girl before..or is it the other way around? hahaahah and i dont..except for pillow and teddies..hahaha but the point is, i've never been into any relationship and i wanted a guy who's the same..but come on..like ida said, is there a guy like that now? hahaha i know..there isnt..this 'pure' type, like yours truly, is in danger of extinction..hahaha well, im still standing strong and alive..right? hahahah and ida said, TOP is no then..well, TOP is different, i'll love him forever..hahaha he's special..and again ida, he's not a toy, i love him, his my boo..hahahaah omg! if the real TOP read this, i swear he's gonna laugh at me so hard or he'd just ignore? well, im gonna blushed so hard till my face turn crimson..hahahaah

nonetheless, im gonna tell mama about this..i bet she'll gonna laugh at me too..but i dont care..hahaha it's for fun anyway..if it meant to be, i mean me, to marry a guy that's pious, young and handsome, i dont know..im gonna be a different person? naaah~~ hahahah if it's the other way around, marrying someone like TOP, i'm gonna turn into someone else too..right?? i dont know..hahaah again, if the REAL TOP read this, not just this, every other entries about him and eventually say something or comment, im gonna hide myself!!! in the closet, under the bed, anywhere!! hahahahahhaha which i know, even in 1000 yrs it wont come true and that i thank God..hahaahah

#nowlistening : the devil wears prada - dogs can grow beards all over


p/s : keep dreaming sista! ya aint gonna got what ya wished for!!

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