Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2pm and fanfiction

speaking of dbsk's related fanfiction in the earlier post, i am also currently in love reading 2pm's fanfic..the pair i love the most is khunyoung - nichkhun + wooyoung..sometimes im into taeckhun - taecyeon + nichkhun..i dont listen to 2pm's songs much..only heartbeat and i'll be back..but i love to read the fanfic..since..i dont know..they look so cute! especially khunyoung couple..hahaha well, even in variety shows, they did show affections towards each other..which i must say, i fangirl-ed over that..hahahaha well, i like wooyoung because of his baby face face, his funny and nonchalant..he's completely i love that..hahaha 2pm's parody of you're beautiful can be considered as the bomb! hahaha all i got the say, all of them are hot..*imagining taec's and khun's abs* *licking lips* omg! lol seriously, their hard rock abs are like so popping my eyeballs! orgasms people, orgasms..hahahhaah still, i love wooyoung, so baby like but with a manly voice..i really wanna pinch those cheeks! hahahah ok go to go now..dinnerrrr!!! laterrrr!! lol


p/s: taec + khun + woo = threesome is awesome! lol! ;p

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