Wednesday, June 22, 2011


this few weeks and currently into dbsk or tvxq or tohoshinki..the old one..i mean the time when they're still 5's all started from the banjun drama they're in..i just love how they acted in the drama..well, after that, i tried searching for their videos, variety shows and also listening to their songs..i like balloons and mirotic..balloons, so cute..but mirotic, friggin sexy! hahaha at first, i start to love hero jaejoong..but now, im completely in love with park yoochun or micky..i think his hot..well he is..his voice is just unfff..hahaha his body is also unff..and his english is like wow! of course, he lived in the oversea for quite sometime..but im also so into dbsk pairings..YooSu - yoochun and junsu and YunJae - yunho and jaejoong..sorry changmin, you're a loner..just go and learn from your hyungs ok? hahaha so i keep on searching and reading their prone to yoosu though..hahaha oh yes! junsu's dolphin shriek! lol omg! that's epic! well, i gotta say i love all them 5..they're fun and hot and etc..rather that the songs, i prefer their actings..they have talent for act..of course, my yoochun's the best! heheheeh


p/s : something wrong with the image uploader..still..gonna spam yoochun's pic when it's available! heheheh

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