Sunday, January 5, 2014

bored and random

hey people! it's been a while, huh? well, frankly i've got nothing to write. my life is dull as ever. and currently, im writing this because i'm bored. so bored. lol

yep, that is pretty much me right now. i dont have the feeling to do anything. and assignments are piling up but i dont really wanna do it. i just dont wanna. lol

oh yeah, yesterday, i thought of something. what if i start a advice column or such. i mean advice on relationship and stuff like that. though i am single since forever. not to boast but people always said that i'm kinda good with the advice thing(?). lol and i love advising people. for me, it's like a new experience, feeling, etc i could learn. i've advised kids to married people. but it's just like an idea for them rather than to really apply what i said. so. umm. well, yeah. should i do it??


p/s : after all it's just an opinion.

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