Sunday, March 13, 2011


hey guys! what's up? remember that i used to mention about a movie i wanna watch called BECK? here! i've just finished watching BECK the movie..finally..hahaha well, i've wanted to watch this since last year, ever since the announcement on the making of the movie..finally i satisfied myself watching it..

my review / comments

well i've to say it's a good movie since it's adapted from a manga..the songs, the cast are just awesome! i like how they the made visions or scenes or flashbacks throughout the gives the feeling..curiosity, i think..especially about the guitar, Lucille..but  the movie is actually moves straight down to the point..i mean it's about a boring boy suddenly joined into an indie band..they struggled hard..trying to be popular..ya know, road to stardom..yall can read it here..i somehow could relate it with the movie Bandage..i've mentioned this movie, check it out..hehehe both movies are about music, how they struggle to be alive in the industry and so on..but BECK, it has an issue to look forward to, the mystery, dark past of the Lucille, the guitar..overall, i have to say it's a good i said before, in the Bandage post, i might stream to watch the it again! hehehe  

well the casts in this movie are

Takeru Sato as Yukio Tanaka or also known as first, he's a boring guy..still in school..his life changed when he met ryusuke and beck, a the band, he's the guitarist and also the vocalist (for slower songs)..he is described as a very talented and hardworking person though he's a bit timid..he also falls in love with ryusuke's younger sister, maho minami..

Hiro Mizushima as Ryusuke Minami or Ray (his english name)..he used to live in new york..he has a sister named Maho..he is the leader and the (very talented) guitarist for the band..when he was in NY, he befriend (since young) with a famous guitarist of the Dying Breed..he's is super fluent in is the sister..

Mukai Osamu played Yoshiyuki Taira, the bassist with hair bleached to blond..always played shirtless on stage..matured and rather be silent..he's very attractive and talented..he's the first one to join the band..

Kiritani Kenta played the character Tsunemi Chiba..the main vocalist for the band..starting off as a rapper..but actually had the punk-ish feeling to it so it matched with the band..quite a tempered person but actually loves the band so much..

Nakamura Aoi as Yuji Sakurai or Saku..the drummer..he's actually a friend of Koyuki..he helped Koyuki from getting bullied and soon became good friends and also classmates..

the songs are mostly punk rock..with the combination of rap, it gets better, more unique..hehehe 

well this is a must watch least for me..

  • if you guys wanna watch it, watch it here..
  • if you guys wanna hear their main song, Evolution, click's the trailer..i guess..hehehe
  • and if you guys wanna download the song, click here..

well, i hope i've given a good review and help..see ya in the next post! ^____^


p/s : gonna find a download link! for the movie and the songs!! hehehe

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