Sunday, March 27, 2011

the new beginning

watching the first episode after chun hee and ye jin, it's bored! i's not fun, no more..ok, i did laughed but over the other casts..not the new ones..and we can see the casts been mentioning chun hee and ye jin's names a few times..they must have been missing the two so badly..the new casts park hae jin and park si yeon are ok but not my style..hae jin is so blur, serious, somehow nerdy and yeon is acting like she's cute or something, such a city girl..they are somehow trying to dominate and overpower the members..basically, right now, i dont favor them much..i miss chun hee and ye jin !!!


p/s : cant wait for better episodes and when chun hee and ye jin become their guests..i bet si yeon and hae jin will be transparent! GO CHUN HEE! GO YE JIN! lol

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