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results from some quizzes i've played..bcoz im bored..heheheeh

Who's your Big Bang boyfriend


He speaks well and he is extremely stubborn. He likes to be the leader of things and speak his mind. He's shy and he thinks he's cute. He loves to swim and work out, but don't be fooled, he's a hopeless romantic too. All he wants is someone to accept him...after all, underneath all his stardom he's just a regular guy searching for love. He loves Sushi and give him Tuna he may fall in love on the spot. He may seem like a tough guy just by looking at him, but I think he's a big dork. One of those guys that will not only be your boyfriend but a best friend as well. So treat him right, it's not everyday you find a guy as awesome as him.

Who's your Big Bang love ;D


The rapper and singer of Big Bang. His name T.O.P was given by SE7EN who is his senior in YG entertainment, he is also and MC at a show called Music Core at and he is also an actor which he acts in the drama I am Sam.

Who's Ya Big Bang Luva

Lucky you. You caught Dae Sung. People call him the "smile angel" because well his smile is adorable. He will care alot for you and doesn't rly have an angry side, but like his english word choosing doesn't go so well so you might misinterpret. Do not break his heart. Or i will kill you!!

Ur Big Bang Lover BoyFor Girls, & Guys if ur interested


Who's your Big Bang boyfriend

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Which Big Bang member is for you


Your result is the talented, sweet, kind, and shy Taeyang!

Who is your Big Bang soul-mate

Choi Seunghyun! ** T.O.P!

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T.O.P. is the hyung of Big Bang, the rapper of the group and the eldest. His looks and charm attracts you so much, it can lead you into awkward situations! ! (Like saying "I love you" on the first date.) Fear not! Luckily, T.O.P.'s "other-side" can laugh along with you and understands those "weird moments". You just can't seem to resist that sweet-T.O.P of him! (>u

Big Bang LOVE

Choi Seung-hyun.T.O.P.Tempo

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Your love is the rapper, beatboxer, and sometimes composer of the group with sexy eyes ;) He is also known as big brother, he is shy at times and stubborn, and likes to take the easy route. He speaks really well and speaks his mind. Plus, he thinks he's cute, which he obviously is ;) He likes to be the leader as well. He wants to inspire people with his voice. He likes musicals and fashion design, so you two should design something together ;) have fun with T.O.P

Big Bang Compatibility

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Lucky you, you've got Big Bang's eldest member: T.O.P. He is known for his skills in rapping, girls swoon over his gorgeous, husky voice and his appearance. One of the many flaws that he has is his stubbornness and being conceited is also another. Right now, he doesn't really want to be involved in relationships and rather focus music-wise since they've made it big from their debut in 2006. Since you are most compatible with him, there is no doubt that your talent, confidence, and personality would attract him to you. He would definitely ask for your number, could you possibly give it to him? ;]

who is your big bang lover

tae yang

u like a sweet and charming guy like tae yang, but he has never dated

Who Is Your Big Bang Lover


You got the hottie,who can rap, TOP!

What Big Bang Member love you

Choi Seung-Hyun

T.O.P ! , damn he's hot, everyone love his smoky eyes! Tempo is very shy, you cant see it but he is. the little shy oppa. He's the rapper of Big Bang.

WWFFY Big Bang


He likes how you can be silly, but not too silly. He thinks you're fun to hang out with, and he tried to make his move when asking who you like. He is falling harder for you, and will always protect you when you need him. He's the mayor of smexy-hot town! You're so lucky!

Which member of Big Bang is right for you


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Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a T.O.P!
He's manly and caring but he also has a bit of a shy side. He one of those people who can be very mature and grown up sometimes but can also be childish and playful at others.

Who's Your Big Bang Guy (Korean Band)


T.O.P is the big "macho" man in the group but has a kind heart. He's the rapper in the group. He can rap and can sing very well. Raps, compose, and beat-boxer. He does weird things that make people laugh and is the oldest in the Big Bang band.

Which Big Bang band member do you belong with

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He raps and sings and is very cute and hot! His eyes are very charismatic! He's sooooo hot! 

Which Big Bang Member Are You Most Like
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You are most like T.O.P. of Big Bang! He is the oldest of the group and therefore feels the most responsible. You, too, like to have a sense of responsiblity in your life. You have both suffered some trials in the best but they have only made you a lot stronger! You can be stubborn at times, even when it comes to little things, but it's only because you try your best to make things perfect. Don't try too hard though! Sometimes things are meant to be broken! You won't take crap from anybody! You are who you are and nobody can change that. Always be comfortable in your own skin and never forget how you got where you are now! ^_^

Who's your Big Bang sweetie

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He's the manliest and most handsome of the Big Bang members, but inside, he's just a little kid. He's a sweet boyfriend who'd whoop anyone's ass if they had the slightest intention to harm you. But, remember, that even though he acts childish 90% of the time, he's still a man! So, don't be afraid to launch off some make-out sessions now and then!

Who's ur BIG BANG lover revised

TOP. He's the rapper of the group. He can beatbox too! Tough on the outside but amazingly sweet on the inside. <3


p/s : well..these are some of it..heheheh but i like 7mins in heaven more..but it's hard to post it here..heheeh 

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