Wednesday, March 30, 2011

incubus *brandon boyd pic spam*

this afternoon, i got the chance to download a few songs by incubus..yay! it's been a while since the last i listened to their the old days, i just either watch their mv or otherwise..i never downloaded them before..i guess i never thought of its usefulness until today..i suddenly feel like i need to hear them songs i managed to download 3 song which are "wish you were here", "i miss you" and "love hurts".. ^___^

oh and yes! i used to fall in love with the vocalist..BRANDON BOYD!!! he's so sizzlin! hahahah seriously, he looked and still lookin so cool and hot! especially with the tats and the ears (though he shrink it back)..

omg he's so cool! with the ciggies, tats and earpiece! hot!!!

oh he looks hot!

makin cute face..hehehe

singing calmly..

i love when he screamed..he looked cool!

older boyd (2009) still lookin fine~ hehehe


p/s : i got nothing to ok gonna prepare for tomorrow's midterm..bye!

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